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Welcome! This Portal Site is your 'free gold mine' of reference for Alaska Miners, past, present, and future, as well as Alaska Mines and Mining, Alaska Mineral Prospects. You'll also find Alaska Mining Links, Alaska Mining News; a message board where you can post messages, list items for sale or trade, ask questions; and whatever else we can come up with. There is also a Free Downloads section where you can download free (and some not-so-free) Alaska maps and data; programs; Alaska Exploration, Mining, and Reclamation permit applications and reporting forms, and more. This site will have some fun stuff, and some not-so-fun stuff (hey, that's mining) but it is all serious.

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WELCOME to the Alaska Prospectors and Miners Association (APMA)* Homepage! The APMA is much more than a Mining Association. It is a vehicle by which citizens can learn more about opportunities for recreational and professional mining, education, local history, as well as other recreational opportunities, and much more.

As we are a dynamic organization, these pages are constantly changing, so be sure to bookmark this page and visit us regularly. Listed below are some of the many features you will find here at the APMA Site:


The Alaska Prospectors and Miners Association was formed for the following purposes:

To provide an organization for the Professional and Recreational Miners, Prospectors, Claim Owners, Rockhounds, and other recreational users and landowners, that would insure that the rights of the members are protected and the concerns of the members are addressed before the local, state, and federal governments; and to provide a network and forum for the members to trade ideas, equipment, and otherwise assist one another.

To promote an improved perception of the mining industry in general through public outreach programs such as tours, education, and workshops.

To assist researchers and disseminate information relating to the  responsible exploration, development, production, and reclamation of the mineral deposits of Alaska.

To work with other organizations that support responsible resource development.

Watch for other exciting and fun developments here at the APMA Site. Thanks for stopping by! If you have comments or suggestions email us!                                                                                            Best when viewed with  

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Most recent update: 18 May 1999. More coming soon!

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