Dragonball Sagas

Red Ribbon Saga During this series Goku goes under training with Master-Roshi, later Krillin joins Goku in training. Master-Roshi teaches Goku and Krillin the dreaded Kamehameha. Later Goku gets trained again by Karin in his high tower, but this time his training was used to defeat Dr. Gero and to defeat Tao Pai Pai, a professional murderer that has killed one of Goku's new friends. After all this training Goku, Krillin, and Bulma, get together to get the Dragon Balls and Goku finally destroys the whole Red Ribbon head-quarters on his own.

Piccolo Saga The series starts of as Goku enters the Tenkaichi-budokai, during this tournament Goku meets Tien and Choazu.The final match is between Goku and Tien, but Goku loses in this battle (due to an unfair, but cool ending)! Goku and Tien are falling in the air, and the first one to fall is the loser! so they are both very tired, so they can't do anything about falling. So Goku hits a truck, and falls quicker than Tien. After the battle Krillin is murdered, Goku starts looking for the killer. Meantime Piccolo is causing terror around the world. In a battle with Piccolo, Tien is about to die, when suddenly Goku arrives and defeats Piccolo. Before Piccolo dies, he gives birth. Knowing that Piccolo gave birth, Kamesama trains Goku. At the next tournament Goku battles Piccolo and defeats him, sparing his life at the end. At the end of the series Son Goku marries Chi-Chi.