Good Guys

Name: Bulma
Race: Human 1
Bulma is a mechanical genius and can fix just about everything. She has been in the DragonBall series since the beginning and has helped Goku as well as everyone else in the journey to find the dragonballs and save the universe from the forces of evil. Bulma's attraction to good-looking guys and her attitude towards things that doesn't go her way make her one of the most annoying character in the series, but that's one of the things that makes the cartoon so popular. Even though Bulma gets in the way sometimes, she does manage to help the Z fighters prevent total destruction to the universe from the bad guys.

Name: Master Roshi
Race: Human
Master Roshi is very important to the Dragonaball series becuase he was the one that taught Goku and Krillin how to fight. He seems old and bald, but he is a truly a strong warrior. Master Roshi leaves in a house known as Kame's House on a little island that serves as a meeting place for the fighters.

Name: Chi-Chi
Race: Human
Chi-Chi is the wife of Goku and the mother of Gohan. She forces Gohan to keep his mind on studying instead of fighting. Chi-Chi doesn't look like she can beat up anyone, but once she gets ticked off, she is considered one of the most powerful woman on Earth.

Name: Ox-King
Race: Human
Ox-King is the father of Chi-Chi and is one of Master Roshi's best students. He is very powerful, but he played a bigger role in the Dragon Ball series.

Name: Kami
Race: Namekian
Kami is from the planet Namek who came to Earth and split into two entities. One good as in Kami, and one bad as in Piccolo. Since they were split, Kami and Piccolo are in some way connected to each other, so if one dies, the other does too. And if Kami dies, the dragon balls on Earth disappears because he was the one that created them. Kami lives on a floating tower high above the Earth and lives with Mr. Popo who helps him at certain times. They both watch over the Earth.

Name: Mr. Popo
Race: ?????
Mr. Popo is sort of like a servant to all the Guardians that will live on the floating tower. He has been there longer than Kami has and served many Guardians on Earth.

Name: Oolong
Race: Shape Shifter (stuck as pig)
Oolong is a talking pig that joined to team back in the DragonBall series. He has an ability to change shape, but only for a short amount of time. He played a much bigger part in DragonBall.

Name: Puar
Race: Kangaroorat
Puar is the companion to Yamcha and was introduced in DragonBall series along with Yamcha. He went to the same school as Oolong and also have the ability to change shapes, just for a longer period of time.

Name: Dr. Brief
Race: Human
Dr. Brief is the dad of Bulma. He is also the president of Capsule Corp, which makes small capsules that can turn into large and useful objects. This explains where Bulma get her technical genius.

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Name: Korin
Race: Cat
Korin is a wise martial arts master that lives on a floating tower similar to the Kami's lookout. He grows magic Senzu beans that help the Z fighter heal every part of thier body once they are hurt.

Name: Baba
Race: Human
Baba is the sister to Master Roshi, and acts like a fortune teller. She carries around a magic crystal ball that can tell the present or the future which help the team somtimes.

Name: Guru
Race: Namekian
Guru is considered to be the eldest of all the Nameks, which make him father to all the Nameks. He created the dragon balls on the planet which played a large role when Krillin and Gohan came to find the balls to wish thier friends back. Guru was very weak from the strat and later died after the Z team beat Frieza on planet Namek.