Captain America Comics- Heroes Return

Vol 3 # 1-20

Captain America #1

Captain America #2

Believed dead by the world Captain America and other heroes have been unknowingly reliving their lives for the past year with certain details altered. The heroes finnaly retuned emerged from the pocket universe. Captain America remained unaccounted for and was considered missing in action. Cap crash landed on the mountains outside Tokyo. While attempting to make his way to the U.S. embassy Cap thwarted a group of terrorists bent on making a statement through mass-murder, inadvertently revealing his return to a world he didn't know he'd left. Cap found more than just praise but as if he had a new leval of worship. Captain America was involved was involved in efforts to rescue a U.S. navy sub where Hydra was trying to unleash a computer virus. Cap luckly caught Hydra on Surprise. Cap and Lt. Commander Rebbeca Houston finished off the remaining Hydra officers. Cap managed to save her and himself but unfortunately not his beloved shield.
Captain America #3
Captain America #4
Cap returned to the U.S. to find out that Hydra had taken over the smithsonian institute. Cap got the situation under control and was awarded a replica of his original shield. Captain America decides to take a break with Clint Barton (a.k.a. Hawkeye) and witnesses how huge the capmania phenomonon is. Cap got dragged into a pointless fight with his enemy Batroc who was hired to lose by the sensational hydra.

Captain America #5

Captain America #6

Cap knowingly walked into a Hydra trap. Wrong! Cap walked into a skrull trap? That is correct. The sensational hydra and some other hydra officers were actually shapeshifting skrulls and they ambushed cap. Cap is now trapped in unescapable skull handcuffs locked in a closet! Cap has been playing it easy till now! The sensational hydra/skrull now is pretending to be cap, then finally the real cap managed to escape! And after the fake Cap creates a disaster around New York, can the real cap stop a national disaster?

Captain America #7

Captain America #8
Cap shows those skrulls whose boss, with a little help from Iron Man, Thor, the scarlet witch, hawkeye, Mr. Fantastic and the thing. Cap teams up with Warbird in Live Kree or DIE part 2 to fight those annoying Kree!
And gets his shield a major beating!
Captain America #9
Captain America #10
After the beating Cap's shield got last issue, Sharoin Carter brought His new ehergy based shield just in time.  People have been acting crazy over America and guess who shows up to test Caps shield, The Rampaging Rhino! Americans with the American dream are being taken over quickly and Cap and Sharon Carter are stuck under the collapsing ruins of the building the Rhino just demolished
Captain America #11
Captain America #12
Cap's been taken over by Nightmare and Sharon Carter has to stop him, but before she knows it she'll be taken over to. With Cap's and Sharon Carter's body's taken over by Nightmare, cap and Sharon carters must stop themselves from Setting off a Nuclear Missile.
Captain America #13
Captain America #14
A dark and terrifying journey into the depths of the Red Skull's mind! The Red Skull returns and the world will shake under the weight of his new-found power! 
Captain America #15
Captain America #16
THE SCOOP: He's back, Captain
America's #1 enemy - the Red Skull!
THE STORY: Behold the Red Skull's terrible new abilities! Check out his terrifying new look! And prepare yourself for the shocking agenda of his surprising ally! Last month, the Skull made his horrific return to the land of the living. This
month, the evil one makes his mark on the life of Steve Rogers. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Cap and his hated archfoe are on a collision  course that will alter the lives of both characters forever! Plus: Who is the newest character arriving to the pages of CAPTAIN AMERICA, and why
does Sharon Carter distrust this person so much? All this and the final fate of the Ramirez family!
The Red Skull, Captain America's #1 foe - and one of the most popular villains in the Marvel Universe - is back! The mystery of Cap's shield continues to unravel as the Red Skull launches his deadliest offensive ever- one that will alter the destiny of Captain America forever! And if it fails, the world will pay a horrific price!
Plus: Steve Rogers and Connie - the
first date! 
Captain America #17
Captain America #18
With the power of a god within him,  the Red Skull is about to wipe out most of North America! Steve Rogers has been reduced to his most vulnerable state and has only one option left: kill the Skull! Plus: the machinations of Kang, the whimsy of the Watcher, and the return of a villain you thought you'd never see again!  Steve Rogers is a changed man. Manipulated by a classic Avengers villain into committing a shocking act, Captain
America must now follow his foe into
the future -- a future enslaved by this
man -- and the Cosmic Cube! Stranded years from home, our hero has only one hope left -- a hope that may have been shattered by his recent actions! . ! 
Captain America #19 Captain America #20
What kind of sick game is Korvac playing? With the Red Skull, powered by the Cosmic Cube, laying waste to the good ole U.S. of A,Korvaca power-mad. U.S.Agentís back and his using something very much like Capís long-lost shield to fight off the forces of A.I.M. Plus, is a new love blooming for Steve Rogers? He sure could use a friend, now that Sharon Carterís gone A.W.O.L. Dropping in on his old buddies at S.H.I.E.L.D., Cap
finds the helicarrier in the middle of a technology meltdown and it all ties in with why the Star-Spangled Avenger lost his shield in the first place! All this,  and a Sgt. Fury backup feature that pits the old war dog against a Nazi vampire!

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