Spiderman The Animated Series (Season 5 1996/7)

Six Forgotten Warriors
Chapter 1 
After a visit from an "old friend" of the family, Peter travels to Russia to investigate the mystery of his parents disappearance, and runs into some old friends!
Chapter 2 
Still in Russia, Peter discovers that searching for clues to his family past isn't easy when he has to battle the Chameleon, the Insidious Six, AND Red Skull!
Chapter 3
Back in the USA, Peter reflects on the story of the Six American Warriors from WWII who discovered the Red Skull had developed a Doomsday Device. Now, years later, Kingpin has all but figured out how to unlock the device!
Chapter 4 
The Chameleon opens a dimensional portal, allowing a 50 year old battle of Captain America & the red skull to continue in the present.
Chapter 5 
Captain America refreezes himself and the Red Skull in time. The battle between Spiderman and Electro has now made it to the floor of the United Nations. Can Spidey destroy the complex and save the world?

Secret Wars

Chapter 1
Arrival Madame Web sends Spidey to an alien world, where he's told he must past a test which includes summoning a group of the greatest heroes from Earth to this world ( including Captain America, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four & Storm ), to fight a group of earths greatest villains chosen by the Beyonder.

Chapter 2 : The Gauntlet of the Red Skull

Spidey summons the Black Cat from earth, who despite her anger at being kidnapped, decides to help him fight the villains on the alien planet.

Secret Wars - Chapter 3 : Doom

The battle continues between the villains and the heroes, with Spidey stuck right in the middle.

Captain America: The Movie(1990)

1941, America has entered World War II and Steve Rogers has failed to pass his Army physical. 24-hours later he is chosen to participate in a top secret program. He is injected with a serum that increases his strength and he becomes Captain America. Faster, stronger and smarter than any man alive except his Nazi counterpart,the Red Skull.

Captain America (1979)

The patriotic son of the original, WWII vintage hero takes up the
mask and shield to fight a villain armed with a contraband nuclear weapon who is threatening to destroy Phoenix, AZ. We should have let him destroy Phoenix rather than make this movie. 

Captain America 2 - Death too Soon (1979)

A ruthless terrorist holds the entire U.S. population hostage, with a gas which rapidly accelerates
the aging process.  They want to use it on government leaders. Only star-spangled super hero Captain America can save the country from this horrible fate. Terrorists threaten to use a gas which rapidly accelerates the aging process. They want to use it on government leaders.

Marvel Superheroes: Captain America (1966)

Story 1 
     The Origin Of Captain America 
     Wreckers Among Us 
     Enter Red Skull 
Story 2 
     The Sentinel And The Spy 
     The Fantastic Origin Of The Red Skull 
     Lest Tyranny Triumph 
Story 3 
     Midnight In Greymore Castle 
     If This Be Treason 
     When You Lie Down With Dogs 
Story 4 
     Revenge Of Captain America 
     The Trap Is Sprung 
     So Dies A Villain 
Story 5 
     Return Of Captain America 
     The Search 
     To Live Again 
Story 6 
     Zemo And His Masters Of Evil 
     Zemo Strikes 
     The Fury Of Zemo 
Story 7 
     Let The Past Be Gone 
     The Adaptoid 
     The Super Adaptoid 
Story 8 
     Coming Of The Swordsman 
     Vengeance Is Ours 
     Emissary Of Destruction 
Story 9 
     Bitter Taste Of Defeat 
     Sorcery Triumph 
     The Road Back 
Story 10 
     When The Commissar Commands 
     Doorway To Doom 
     Duel Or Die 
Story 11 
     The Sleeper Shall Awake 
     Where Walks The Sleeper 
     The Final Sleep 
Story 12 
     The Girl From Cap's Past 
     The Stage Is Set 
     30 Minutes To Live 
Story 13 
     The Red Skull Lives 
     He Who Holds The Cosmic Cube 
     The Red Skull Supreme

Captain America (1944)

Starring: Dick Purcell, Lionel Atwill, John Davidson, and
 George J. Lewis.

A serial of 15 episodes.
The Purple Death 

  •       Mechanical Executioner 
  •       The Scarlet Shroud 
  •       Preview Of Murder 
  •       Blade Of Wrath 
  •       Vault Of Vengance 
  •       Wholesome Destruction 
  •       Cremation In The Clouds 
  •       Triple Tragedy 
  •       The Avenging Corpse 
  •       The Dead Man Returns 
  •       Horror On The Highway 
  •       Skyscraper Plunge 
  •       The Scarab Strikes 
  •       The Toll Of Doom 

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