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Captain America : Sentinel of Liberty
This story is about after cap was taken out of that block of ice and was working with Agent 13.
Its 1942 and Atlantis have allied with the nazis and the submariner has gone mad ( actuallly hes listening to his mother )
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Torch has some sence knocked into him, Cap finds some POWs, Namor disobeys his mommy, General Phillips gets involved, and all those fliying furneces get set loose.
The nazis have reproduced the Human torch and only 3 people can stop them ( no not Batman, robin and batgirl ).
A classic two in one
1.  Iron man takes Cap around NY to get use to the 60's. ( no not the beatles!)  until some mind controlling robots appeard on the scene.
2.  Who's this lunatic who claims to be Cap and know military secrets.
Three titanic tales of Cap throughout the ages! First up, it's Captain America versus Iron Man in the swinging Sixties - two days after Cap was thawed out of that iceberg! Can the Living Legend stand against the Invincible? Then it's off to the modern era, where the Chameleon has
impersonated a mental patient to get close to another mental patient who claims he's Cap! But this guy knows things only the real Cap ever could!

And even before there was an America, there was Ö Captain Yankee Doodle? A Tory's jest turns on him in this story from the Revolutionary War, starring patriotic blacksmith Steven Rogers

A tale of Captain America's ancestor. Back in Colonial times there was a member of the Roger's family that believed in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 
A story of Captain America and the Falcon! A rally in a period of racial unrest goes tragically wrong and Captain America is at the center of the scandal. When it looks like Cap is dead, who will take up his mantle? 
Guest-starring the high-flying Falcon! Sam Wilson has to step in for the seemingly dead Captain America and prevent a racial riot in Harlem! We know Cap survived last month's assassination attempt- but just wait until you see how! 
Itís silliness in the swinging Ď60s style, as old Winghead calls on Howler buddy Dino Manelli to help him take on aliens, A.I.M., Modok and  all of reality itself in the Las Vegas desert. But nothing can stop the march of history--a date with destiny in Dallas--and itís November 1963. 
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