The return of one of Spidermans famous titles!

Marvel Team Ups #3
Spiderman & Sandman

See Tek Pa's review of this issue.

Marvel Team Ups #4
Spiderman & Manthing

Spiderman finds out this villian is who has been dragging him around the world.

Marvel Team ups #7
Spiderman & Blade

In honor of the new Blade Vampire Hunter movie, Spidey travels to New Orleans to help Blade fight Vampires.

Marvel Team Ups #8
Namor & Dr. Strange

After reurning from the pocket universe. Namor found out he could not breathe under water, so he called Dr. Starnge for Help.

Marvel Team Ups #9
Namor & Captain America

After being outfitted with a special wetsuit, The submariner and Cap descended to New Atlantis to overthrow the illegitimate gov't that had been established. But When Namor & Cap arrived they had discovered that the Atlanteans had forged a partnership with Buisness man Ronald R. Tiltonon the surface. Cap tried to convince namor to let international laws handle the situation rather than taking physical action.

Marvel Team Ups #10
Namor & The Thing (FF)

Against Cap's wishes, Namor descided to take out Tiltons factory. But in response the thing showed up. The to settle the fight guess who dropped in, "The Wrecking Crew!"

Marvel Team Ups #11
Namor & Iron Man

After a phone call of help from Tilton to Tony Stark, He decide to decided to check it out (as Iron Man..of Course). When he arrived he got the real story from Namor & the return of the Wrecking crew.

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