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From: Bad Bunny (badbunnny@bigfoot.com)
Date: October 16 06:26:58 1998
My URL:  https://members.tripod.com/~mrxtc/index.html
Comments: Cool page Thanks for letting me sign your guestbook

From: Cindy (cinth@usa.net)
Date: Sept 23 14:10:01 1998
My URL: http://www.zecrets.com/users/cindy
Comment: Nice page.... please come visit my site :-) Thanks, Cindy

From: Steve and Nancy Paikin (Nightingale@adrs.com)
Date: Wed July 22 01:52:54 1998
Comments: We missed you tonight. Maybe next time. It was a pleasure meeting your
brothers, Dan and Jonathan, and having your parents over for dinner. Hopefully, you'll come
Signed: Steve, nancy, Zack, Henry, Teddy.
Other: Your Favourite Movie?: GodFather
Do you like my web page?: Yes
Your Favourite Sport?: Hockey
Your Favourite TV show?: Star Trek
Your Favourite Comic Character?: BatMan

From: David Portnoy (dportnoy@vanstar.com)
Date: Mon July 13 19:23:36 1998
Comments: -
Other: Do you like my web page?: yes
Your Favourite Sport?: baseball
Your Favourite Comic Character?: Captain America of Course

From: Michael (MikRom3@aol.com)
Date: Mon Jul 6 16:32:48 1998
Comments: Nice page!
Other: It was great seeing you while I was in TO. Have a great summer and a good time at CHAT next year.

From: Rogue1783 (rogian@shelbynet.net)
Date: Fri Jul 3 22:26:25 1998
Comments: Cool
Other: Cool page I've been a fan for years, only one who can beat Cap is Super Patriot.

From: Kirk (kefurlot@is2.dal.ca)
Date: Wed Jul 1 22:35:32 1998
Comments: -
Other: I like. Good start. You may want to put a bit of an intro on you front page, though. :1 -Kirk

From: Daniel Green (Daniel_Green@Bialik.on.ca)
Date: Sat Jun 20 22:28:05 1998
Comments: Your page is great!
Other: -

From: Mom and Dad (Sharon_Green@shaw.wave.ca)
Date: Wed Jun 17 00:14:01 1998
Comments:Lots of fun visiting your page. Keep up the imaginative cybernetics. See you
sooner than you think!
Other: -

From: Elad (elad9@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 27 20:16:33 1998
Comments:I like your page, Alex Other: -

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