Spiderman's Enemies page


Real name: Abner Jenkins
The beetles armor shoots "electro-bite" blasts and has suction grippers in his gloves.


Real name: Fred Myers
A major league pitcher suspended for taking bribes was approached by the subversive secret empire. Outfitted with a costume and special boomerangs ( sonic "screamerangs", sharp "razorangs" and exploding "shatterangs"). He became a freelance assassin. His costume is bootjeted for flight."


Real name: Cletius Kasady.
Carnage can morph parts of his costume and shoot them at his enemies.

Dr. Octopus

Real name: Otto Octavious.
Dr. Octopus accidently banded his mechanical tentacle arms to himself during a failed experiment.


Dormamu is responsible for teleporting spiderman's black costume back to earth.

Green Goblin

Real name: Norman/Harry Osborn.
The Green Goblin is really the father of Peter Parker's best friend! Then later after Norman Osborn died, Harry Osborn takes over for his father.


Real Name: Leila Davis
Widow of the ringer. Hardshells armored battle suit gives her superhuman strength and allows her to fly. Her wrist gaunlets fire bolts of incredible energy.


Real name: Jason Macendale.
The hobgoblin recieved his costume, pumpkin bombs and slider from Norman Osborn the Green Goblin!

Jack O' Lantern

Real name: Jason Macendale.
Jason Before becoming the hobgoblin , Jason was the pumpkin-headed Jack-O'Lantern!"


Real name: Sensei Kravenoff.
One of the worlds most accomplished big game hunters.  He came to America to hunt down Spiderman.


Real name: Curt Connors.
Curt Connors became the savage lizard when an experiment to regrow his arm went wrong!


Real name: Michael Morbius.
Morbius accidently turned himself into a vampire when he tried to cure his rare blood disease!


Real name: Quintn Beck.
Before becoming a criminal Mysterio created effects for movies.


Real name: Willliam Baker
Fleeing from the law and took refuge on a beach near a nuclear test site. Bombarded by radiation he took on the properties of sand.


The Spot can teleport from place to place by stepping in and out of black portals.


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