My Poetry ll
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 My children  

As I sit here and gaze at your pictures
Looking and thinking how beautiful you both are,
Your deep brown eyes are looking back at me
Not knowing at the time what this very day would mean.

This very day was much further down the line,
For this very day mean's I'm no longer with you,
If only I had had the strength and courage then,
You both would be with me now.

It makes me sad not knowing what your doing,
Not being able to see you both smile,
Not being able to bathe you,
To brush your hair and feel you close to me.

To dress you in the mornings
To take you to school
To hold your hands
I miss it every day.

I pray for you my darlings
That you are both safe and well,
For you to know that I your mother
Loves you and I always will.
                                                   Written by Alexandra J Jones

Precious Is What You Are

My precious little babies
As precious as the air we breathe                                                                                    
As pretty as the stars above.

My precious little babies
Your eyes that sparkle like the stars
Your smiles as bright as the sun.

My precious little babies
So pure and innocent you are
Your skin so soft to touch.

My precious little babies
I miss you both so very very much.

Written by Alexandra Jones

                                            hands uplifted to the cross

When I'm alone

Each day when I'm alone
Deep in thought
I think of my two babies
The ones I left behind

The pain I feel hurts so much
Knowing that I left you
Wishing you were here
Holding you in my arms

Remembering the days when you were born
My heart filled with joy and happiness
Remembering your first steps
Your first words and tooth

I'll treasure these memories forever
Not knowing what the future may hold
I know that I left you my babies
I had my reasons - and one day,
Maybe I'll be able to explain

I see your faces everytime I close my eyes
And knowing that I left you behind haunts me,
I'm not looking for forgivness
I just hope onday you can understand

                                                           Written by Alexandra J Jones
                                                                                         bible light.

These above poems are dedicated to my much loved and adored children Jordon and Danni-Leigh. For reasons and circumstances taken out of my hands they do not live with me but one day and one day soon I believe and have faith that that will soon change.

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