Alex's Poetry
        Loseing An Unborn Child.
Losing an unborn child is very traumatic,                                             
I feel lost and empty,
Trapped inside a small world of anger and frustration.
Once it was there and I was so very very happy,
Now all of a sudden its gone,
And I'm so very very sad.
 It was natures way I know,
 But still I want to know why,
What did I do to deserve this pain and grief.
 I have lots of love to give and lots of love to share,
And so much wanted to do so with my unborn child.
I have a little boy already,
And I know I should be grateful,
And I am very much so,
But still I ask why,
Why me, why that poor unborn child of mine just wasn't meant to be.
 written by Alexandra J Jones....  

                              My Heavenly Angel                        hovering angel

                                 To my unborn angel
                      You've never gone from my mind
                              I still miss you dearly
                       And one day we will be joined
                    Together in heaven for Eternity

                                My heavenly angel
                        Its been four years nearly
                        But still the pain feels raw
                       I remember it all so clearly

                                   Oh my angel
                   The one I never had the chance
                              To touch and hold
                     To look into your little eyes

                           But my unborn child
               I know that you are well and safe
          That God had another purpose for you
             For you were chosen my little angel.

                              My unborn child
                         My sweet little angel
                            Above in the sky
              But still I wonder and ask why

                   Why my unborn child?
                But I should know better
        For you are now God's little angel
            And my little heavenly angel.
                                              Written by Alexandra J Jones

                                                                                                                                    angel on a cloud gif
    To My Unborn Child

To my unborn child,
I know we weren't together long
And I know I never really knew you,
But that doesn't mean that I never loved you.
The joy I felt when I was told you were there inside me,
Is more than I could ever explain.
You were someone that I really wanted
So very much indeed
I couldn't wait to tell my friends and family that you would be joining us in September,
And everyone was so pleased.
But then one day on March the 10th
 I had to go to hospital,
And there I found that you were leaving me.
I felt so very sad and now I feel alone,
Inside a tiny world so cruel and full of hurt,
But my unborn child I know now that you just weren't meant for me.
Maybe God took you away to be given to someone else as a very special gift,
That is what I like to think
And that is what I hope,
For my unborn child I love you very much,
And now that you are gone
I'll just have to carry on with life the very best I can.
Maybe I'll try for another baby,
and as for you my unborn child that I never had the chance to touch and hold and meet,
You'll always be with me in my mind and heart.
Goodbye my unborn child.
                                                Written by Alexandra J Jones
                                                                                       angel star gazing
 Still Wondering Why                  

Sometimes I sit and wonder why,
Why my little baby had to die,
The anniversary of your departure is near,
And still all is not entirely clear.

You never had the chance to breathe air
Or for me to show you that I care
For me to hold you tenderly in my arms
For you to show me all your charms.

Nearly four years it's been now
I still don't know why or how
What went wrong
My body failed you and then you were gone.
                                                    Written by Alexandra J Jones

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