Author: Diamond

Title: Eternity In An Hour


Pairing: Dia/Adam Pierson (OFC)


Rating: G


Summery: Dia seeks some inner peace at a special place.


Disclaimer: Adam Pierson/Methos isn't mine; he belongs to Panzer/Davis and stuff. Making no money, so don't sue. I claim Dia though.



Eternity In An Hour


"To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wildflower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."

~ William Blake



“After  I die, when centuries have passed, will you still remember me?”


Adam glanced up at her question, took one look at her face, and set the book he had been reading on the table beside the couch.  “Do I even want to know what brought this question on Dia?”


She sighed softly and sat down beside him, curling her legs underneath her.  “I don’t know really, maybe it’s just the time of year.  They say more people are suicidal during this time of year than any other you know.”


“I am aware of the statistics, but I don’t really see what they have to do with the question.  You’re only thirty years old after all, and not likely to die anytime soon.”


“I know, it’s just that, with all the people in your life and all the things you’ve seen and been a part of throughout the centuies I can’t help but wonder how you would remember something so small and insignificant as one person who’s never done anything important.  I mean, you saw the building of the pyramids and were friends with Socrates and Cleopatra.  I just don’t know how I would compare to all of that in the grand scheme of your life.” 


He watches for a moment as she looks down at her lap, unable to look him in the eye.  This causes her hair to fall forward as well, screening her face even more, and he can’t help but to reach out and brush the tendril of hair back behind her ear.  Then he pulls her over into his lap, smiling slightly at the surprised squeak that she lets out.  “The things I remember best are rarely the big events, or the larger than life people that I’ve met Dia.  More often than not, it’s just the opposite.”


She settles into his lap more, getting comfortable, then looks up at him with slightly confused eyes.  “I guess I just don’t understand how that’s possible.”


“Well, for one thing those people that you are talking about weren’t exactly the historical stars that you know about today.  They were just someone else that I knew, the same as you are now. “


Dia thinks about this for a moment, then slowly nods.  “I guess I never really thought of it like that before.”


Adam laughs softly, “Most people wouldn’t.” 


Resting her head against his shoulder she smiles softly, “No, I suppose they wouldn’t have to.” 


He looks down at her for a moment, then softly starts stroking her hair.  “You know, it really is the small things in my life that I have treasured above all others, and that I remember best.  When all is said and done, they are what has meant the most to me.  A single hour spent with someone that I loved dearly is as clear in my mind after several centuries as it was the very hour that it happened.  Moment’s like that really do last forever if there is someone alive who remembers them.”


“Even compared to something as wonderful as knowing Mozart or running in the first Olympic Games?”


He looks at her with soft eyes and whispers, “those are small things when compared to showing someone that you love the world they never expected to be able to see, or watching a child you’ve raised as your own discovering her fingers for the first time.


Dia smiles softly and then nods, relaxing more into his body and remembering how she had felt when her own daughter had done just that  “Yes,  I guess I can see it when you put it that way.” 


She stays there for a long time, content for the moment as he strokes her hair and they talk about little things that happened throught the day.  Eventually she can no longer keep her eyes open, and they drift closed with her still resting her head on his shoulder.  However she seems to realize something and softly murmurs just before she drifts off to sleep, “didn’t really answer the question.”


He shakes his head slightly and smiles as he kisses her forehead.  “actually, I did, because we are in one of those moments right now.”