Author: Diamond

Title: Methos Journals: Survival vs. Self Sacrifice

Rating/Warning: PG

Short summary: Methos reflects on the differences between survival and self-sacrifice

Disclaimer: Methos, Highlander, and all things associated with it belong to Davis-Panzer Productions,. I'm just borrowing him for a bit to have some fun. I'm don't make any money off of this and I don't have any either so it's no use suing me.


Survival vs. Self-Sacrifice

Those who know me have often asked exactly how I have managed to live as long as I have. The answer would seem very simple. I am a survivalist. I have a knack for avoiding situations that could put me in danger, talking my way out of trouble, hiding if the need arises, and above all, always going with the winner. I am not ashamed of this as it keeps me alive, and I have no intention of changing the way I do things. I have however at times put my life in jeopardy and gone against my natural instincts in order to help someone else. I try not to make a habit out of this as it has a nasty tendency to get one killed.

Survival is a basic instinct that we all have. It is ingrained within the very fabric of our being and yet we find ourselves sometimes overlooking our own best interests to help the people around us. Even those of us who have spent thousands of years listening to the voice that tells us to run away and not to look back. We too can be suddenly struck with the need to give whatever we can, our very lives if required, for what we consider to be the greater good. It's a case of instinct versus emotion and the heart and soul of the person making the decision determines the winner. Itís scary as hell if you stop to think about it, which I have obviously been doing too much, because Iím starting to sound like the person they all thought I was. Itís time for a beer.