Author: Diamond

Title: Methos Journals: Wedding Receptions

Rating/Warning: PG

Short summary: Methos writes about how Wedding Receptions cause people to reflect on their lives and loves.

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Wedding Receptions

It’s always interesting to observe the veritable gauntlet of emotions and feelings one can find at your average wedding reception. Happiness and sorrow, joy and pain, anger and indifference, all of these and more are tied up in this one single event. Of course, given the life changing nature of the ceremony on which this reception is based it is easy to see why so much should be wrapped up in it. Yet why the majority of emotions of a darker nature on such an obviously happy occasion? Take for instance the reception I attended just recently.

It was a lovely ceremony and the couple was obviously happily in love and ready for commitment despite some previous snags in their relationship and possible future ones. Nothing every couple starting out hasn’t faced, or will not face in the ages to come. It was well attended by acquaintances, friends and "family", and went very smoothly with hardly a hitch. The reception was held at Joe’s, a wonderful blues bar that I myself frequent. That is where the real story begins, for that is where emotions often come to the forefront that are well hidden the rest of the time, at least to the observer who cares to look.

There were two young ladies in particular that I noticed.  One of them was the bride’s Maid of Honor and the other was a friend of both the bride and groom. Both of these young women were exceptionally quiet throughout the wedding and the reception, and both at one point or another disappeared into the Ladies room for an extended period of time as well as drinking quite a bit. Knowing both of them as I do, I would say that the wedding brought thoughts that they would rather keep buried to the front of their minds. One is reminded of something she wants but doesn’t expect to ever get and the other of something she can never have. That is of course only part of it and an oversimplification at that. I will go into a bit more detail.

The first young woman, the Maid of Honor, has had a lot of problems with her relationships in the last year. One of those relationships happened to be with the person who walked the bride down the aisle. This young women still loves him and seeing him only reminds her of that fact. Knowing that he still loves her as well only makes her feel worse since she has moved onto another relationship that she wants to make last, but doesn’t know if that’s possible. What she does know is that her new relationship can most likely never lead to marriage, hence the dark nature of her evening.

The second young woman has been in a stable and loving relationship for quite some time now. She is very much in love with the young man and he is with her as well. Yet she feels as though her life has reached a plateau and can go nowhere. Marriage is something she knows is impossible and it has never bothered her that much, but sometimes she wishes, just for a while, that it were. She has spent much of the last few months wondering what she’s doing here and whether she would really be missed. Last night she saw that her absence would go unnoticed except for one or two people. As her thoughts darken so does her mood and she finds it harder and harder to put on the mask she has worn for so long.

Weddings are a time for joy and love to abound in the lives of the new couple and the people who are closest to them. A new life is embarked upon with excitement and anticipation. However it is also a time for reflection on the part of both the participants and the people who witness the life-changing event. This look into one’s heart and into one’s past is not always a pleasant journey for those who have not found what it is they think they are seeking. That is the main reason for the dark moods and thoughts of those who come to see another couple united in matrimony. A couple that has seemingly discovered the things that they themselves are searching for.