Author: Diamond

Title: Courage

Rating: G

Summery: Pippin’s thoughts on the road to Minis Tirith with Gandalf.

Disclaimer: I can't write for Pippin as well as Tolkien obviously, but he showed up and I haven't been able to get rid of him! Not that I want too :) Anyway, he's not mine unfortunately and neither are any of the others. They belong to Tolkien Enterprises and whoever else holds the rights to them. I only borrow him because he's such a cutie. No money, so suing is pretty much a waste of your time. Oh yeah, it's movie Pippin as I haven't gotten around to rereading the books yet this year, so keep that in mind if I'm spacing something completely ;)



Gandalf was right; he was nothing more than a fool. He had known better than to touch the Palantir, even though he hadn't really known what it was. It should have been enough that Gandalf had been keeping it away from him, from everyone really. It was just that it seemed to nibble at his brain, pulling at him until he just had to see it again. He had to find out what it was about it that was so bad. Well now he knew, and look where it had gotten him.

"Do not fear, young Peregrin Took. You will find your courage."

The words that Galadriel had spoken to him in Lothlorien echoed in his head as he fought back the fear and loneliness that threatened to envelop him. He had never had to look for his courage before. There had never been any need to because Merry had always had enough courage for the both of them. Merry always knew what to do, and how to do it. Throughout the quest they had found themselves on he had always followed Merry's lead, and that was how it had always been.

What was he going to do now, without his courage, without his Merry?

It was then that he heard another voice in his head.

"Our friends are out there. They need our help. They cannot fight this war on their own."

His friends, Frodo, Sam, Merry...they needed every little bit of help that they could get, even what little bit that he himself might have to offer. If he looked, then perhaps he could find some way to do that.

Pippin smiled despite his fear. Maybe his own courage had been there all along, waiting for the right circumstances to make itself known, or a beloved voice to push him in the right direction.