Author: Diamond

Title: Some People Never Learn

Rating: G

Characters: Wedge, Tycho, Wes, and Hobbie

Summery: Response for a challenge given at WAAS where the lines ‘her feet are nicely coifed’ and ‘you haven't cuddled with the snuggly yet, have you?’ had to be used in a fic between 250 and 500 words long.

Disclaimer:  The Rogues and Ewok aren’t mine.  They belong to George Lucas and company.  I’m making no money here and I never will.  I just like to play with them on occasion.


Some People Never Learn

Wedge Antilles, hero of the New Republic, was contemplating murder as he walked along the trail that led through the forest and back to Hobbie and their waiting X-Wings.

Wes gleefully ignored the look he was getting and gave Wedge and his new found friend that irrepressible grin that they all knew so well. "Look on the bright side boss, at least her feet are nicely coifed."

Tycho shook his head and muttered in a low voice. "I'd drop it if I were you Janson."

Pretending not to have heard Wes continued. "I think she might even have bathed sometime in the recent past."

Wedge growled something less than complimentary under his breath and stalked into the clearing. Hobbie glanced up, took one look at him and the rest of the party, and wisely decided to give them plenty of room.

Tycho, also cautious, figured now was a really good time to make his pre-flight check and walked over to stand by Hobbie as quietly as possible, not wanting to draw any attention to himself at the moment. After all, it had been his suggestion that they might need a guide while they were here. How was he to know that she would become attached to Wedge? He had hoped that Wes would be able to just leave well enough alone. Yeah right.

Wes however, couldn't in good conscience let an opportunity like this pass him by. He glanced down at the small striped Ewok that had become Wedge's shadow since they arrived and grinned as Wedge turned a warning glare on him. Wes knew that look well, and he also knew that he should just let it go, but somehow his mouth didn't get the message from his brain in time to stop. "You haven't cuddled with the snuggly yet, have you?"

Tycho groaned. Some people never learn.