Author: Diamond


Title: Thief


Rating: PG for sexual suggestion


Characters: Wes and Hobbie


Summery:  Challenge for WAAS that had to start with the line “What do you mean we don't have any left?’ and be between 100 and 200 words.


Disclaimer: They aren’t mine; they are all the genius of George Lucas and company.  I don’t have money so suing would be pointless anyway.






"What do you mean we don't have any left?"


"I mean exactly what it sounds like," Hobbie replied mournfully.  "It's disappeared.  It was here last night and now it's gone."


Wes frowned and double-checked just to make sure.  "But I know I saw it here earlier.  It was sitting on that shelf just before…"


"Just before what?  Wes?  Wait a minute where are you going?" 


Wes didn't bother to answer as he hurried out of the room and Hobbie sighed.  It's wasn't like it would have been that hard to get some more. 


A little while later Wes returned and grinned at Hobbie,  "I got it."


"Where was it?"


"Tycho had it.  He apparently swiped it when he came by to go over those reports this afternoon."  Wes set the can of whipped cream on the table and flopped down on his bed.  "If he and Wedge want some they'll just have to get their own"