Author: Diamond

Title: Thoughts

Rating: PG

Characters: Wes and Hobbie

Summery: Challenge response for WAAS. Must contain the following sequence of words. "No, not now." **five minutes later** "Now??" "No.Not.Now." **two minutes later** "Now????" plaintively. "No.Not.Now!" **a minute later** "Now?" whiny. *sigh* "Okay, now." "Woohoo!"

Disclaimer:I donít own them, I just wish that I did.They belong to George Lucas and company and Iím only having a bit of fun and not making any money of them.Please, donít sue me.



You know, despite what some people think I don't really have an ego problem. Sure, I like to pretend that I'm completely irresistible when I smile that smirky little grin, but it's all in fun. I mean I'm not like CorSec or anything. See, I know what my strengths are, but I also know that I have weaknesses and I try to correct them, really I do, like patience for instance.


"No, not now."

And it's really rather strange how I can have patience for some things and not for others. I mean I can sit in the cockpit of my X-wing for hours at a time, but I can't stand waiting in line for more than a minute or two. Of course, the main reason I can sit still in the X-wing is the simple fact that the chances of me getting to blow something up are pretty damn good, and that makes the whole boredom factor bearable.

Well, it's been five minutes, I wonder if that's long enough yetÖ



Guess not.

Hobbie keeps telling me that one of these days Wedge will just throw up his hands and send me packing, and I know Wedge has told Tycho that sometimes he wishes I were still back training squadrons, rather than here with the Rogues. But I know that's just more of Hobbie's doom and gloom talk. Wedge loves me, and he wouldn't know what to do with himself if I wasn't here to keep him on his toes.



Okay, I admit, there was a slightly plaintive tone that last time but we've been crouching here forever already. Well, maybe ten minutes, but that's a long time to be doing nothing. I mean, all I have to do is sit here and talk to myself and that would drive even me nuts after a while. Hey, I bet if I add that whiny note to my voice he'll give in. He almost always does.


*sigh* "Okay, now."


Okay so that wasn't quite Surprise, but the look on Wedge's face at seeing Hobbie and I jumping out of his birthday cake wearing nothing but a smile tells me he didn't notice the difference anyway.