Author: Tina Mayer


Title: Your Body Is A Wonderland


Rating: R for sexual content


Characters: Adam Pierson/OFC


Summery: Songlet done to Your Body Is A Wonderland, by John Mayer.


Disclaimer: Adam Pierson is not mine, damn it all to hell.  He belongs to Davis/Panzer Productions and I’m just borrowing him to play with for a while.  I’m making no money with this, so please don’t sue me.



Your Body Is A Wonderland

Adam walks into Dia’s bedroom with a sort of lopsided smile about his face. He is wearing his light blue scrub pants that are thin and doesn’t leave much to the imagination. He is also not wearing a shirt and his smooth chest and curves of his physique is something to behold. Dia is over by her vanity mirror wearing a simple A-frame undershirt that is obviously his and a pair of faded blue jeans. She smiles at him through the mirror as he wraps his arms around her waist from behind, his sweet breath tugging on her vulnerable and swan like neck. She tilts her head and a smile plays her face in habit because when he is like this, it is truly a wonderful thing to be a part of. He softly whispers in her very cute and petite ear with that accent of his.

“We got the afternoon
you got this room for two”

Places his hands in her hands and she just smiles as his mouth gets even closer to her exposed milky white skin

“One thing I've left to do…
Discover me
discovering you”

Slowly raises her arms above her head with his hands as he presses himself closer into her from behind

“One mile to every inch of
your skin like porcelain”

As he takes his hands and slowly feels her porcelain like arms with the tips of his fingers and he can hear her purr and he smiles and turns her around to him slowly and leans in and with a feathery kiss, examines her soft mouth and licks his lips

“One pair of candy lips and”

Kisses her again, adding a hint of tongue there as well to make sure he has the right effect

“Your bubblegum tongue”

Smiles at her as she remembers to breath and she puts her fingers right on the edge of the top of his scrub pants and makes him follow her to the bed.  She then turns and lets him fall on the bed and he smiles up at her as she stands there as if deciding whether or not she should remove clothing

“And if you want love
we'll make it”

Holds up his hand as if he can’t touch her and he wants more contact but she backs away with a smirk on her face

“Swimming a deep sea
of blankets”

Sits up so he is on his knees on the bed before her looking up at her

“Take all your big plans
and break 'em”

She gives in and she gets closer to him and he wraps her in his arms and kisses and nibbles along her collarbone and shoulders and through this sort of muffled ness says

”This is bound to be a while…”

Continues the nibble….

“Your body is a wonderland
your body is a wonder….”

And as if he just thought of what he really should be doing…

”I'll use my hands…”

As his hands travel to the small of her back and caresses her skin, while lifting her shirt a ways to make way for his fingers

“Your body is a wonderland”

Looks up at her and she looks down at him and a small tendril of hair falls in her face and he grins a crinkle smile

“Something 'bout the way your hair
falls in your face”

Reaches up and puts that tendril behind her ear as soon as he does she pushes him back onto the bed and she crawls on top of him with this very seductive and sexy smile on her face. He eyes never leaving his*

“I love the shape you take when crawling
towards the pillowcase”

As his breathing becomes more stagnant and the bulge in his scrub pants becoming even more apparent

“You tell me where to go and
though I might leave to find it”

As she kisses her way up his chest and then settles in beside her, where his arm waits to be her headrest

“I'll never let your head hit the bed
without my hand behind it”

Grins and shifts so that he is pressed against her and asks her softly

“You want love?
We'll make it”

Nods to himself and shifts again as she giggles because it does seem like she is in a big sea

“Swimming a deep sea
of blankets”

Raises her arms above her head again and rests his head and mouth in the nook of her shoulder and neck

“Take all your big plans
and break 'em”

Smiles at her and she tilts her head once more

“This is bound to be a while”

Strokes her sides and gently lifts her shirt up and over her head and to the floor and he kisses his way from her neck to the valley of her breast

“Your body is a wonderland
your body is a wonder”

Gets that mischievous grin on his face

”I'll use my hands”

Tickles her sides slightly as he continues to flicker his tongue along the curves of her stomach

“Your body is a wonderland”

Writhes under his tickle and whimpers at his soft kisses on her stomach and she pulls away slightly and now it is his turn to whimper as he whispers in her ear

“Damn baby
you frustrate me…”

As his fingers slide down…

“I know you're mine all mine all mine”

And his fingers tickle her skin on each mine all mine all mine…

“But you look so good it hurts sometimes”

And his fingers finally reach their destination of her pant buttons and he works to undo and zip those and he looks at her with soft green eyes that flicker with this hint of gold that he would only ever let her see. She smiles in a blush at his look at her and she giggles in the nook of his neck to stifle it

“Your body is a wonderland
your body is a wonder”

Grins at her as he kisses her again, his hands working in her jeans now as he rubs there with his eager fingers

”I'll use my hands”

She gasps and moans and looks at him with that same mischievous grin that she had on before

“Your body is a wonderland
your body is a wonderland”

She suddenly grabs him and they both stumble to the floor in a deep sea of blankets, and they are laughing and just exploring each other with great anticipation until the song ends.