Author: Tina Mayer


Title: Uninvited


Rating: PG


Characters: Methos


Summery: Songlet done to Uninvited, by Alanis Morissette


Disclaimer: Methos is not mine, damn it all to hell.  He belongs to Davis/Panzer Productions and I’m just borrowing him to play with for a while.  I’m making no money with this, so please don’t sue me.



We start this scene with a great hall full of servants and other members of the court of Cleopatra.  There are huge pillar columns all around as well but other then the people it is bare. There is a very grand Staircase that leads up to her throne where she sits beautifully decorated in gold and white linen. Her olive brown skin and perfect features are truly more wondrous then anything that has ever been seen. There is a guard for every white marble stair leading to her immaculate throne. Her advisor is very close by her at all time. He has this air about him that he is better then anyone and even that he wishes to betray the Queen one day.  All of a sudden there is an announcement of a visitor from Rome whom claims to have a need to see the Queen. The messenger comes in and bows to the Queen and stands with this lopsided grin on his face that is intoxicating but arrogant and before he has time to speak the Advisor whispers to her ear and she looks at him.

“Like anyone would be… I am flattered by your fascination with me.”

She looks at him with her eyebrow raised in fascination of this handsome god of a man before her not dressed like someone from Rome but rather his servant. His muscles flex as he stands forthright looking at her with intense eyes. Not giving away who he really is and she licks her lips and shifts a little as she looks him up and down.”

“Like any hot-blooded woman, I have simply wanted an object to crave.”

He bows to her again his smirk more evident, which just makes her more irritated at him.

“But you, you're not allowed, you're uninvited.  An unfortunate slight.”

She looks at him with a little distain but the passion inside her makes her touch her chest to make her heart from leaping forth as she shifts again. He, of course, eats all this up as he licks his lips just knowing that he makes her heart race at the sight of him there.

“Must be strangely exciting, to watch the stoic squirm.
Must be somewhat hard telling, to watch them burn me shepherd.”

She looks at him again and is sticking firm to this.

“But you you're not allowed, you're uninvited. An unfortunate slight.”

She stands up this time and goes down her stairs, her guards moving out of her way as she climbs down one at a time. Her great white robe and linen cloth trailing behind her.”

“Like any uncharted territory, I must seem greatly intriguing.”

She touches her heart again as she continues the descent to him who is at the bottom of the stairs. He just looks up at her and doesn’t say a word but his intense hazel eyes say it all.

“You speak of my love like you have experienced love like mine before.”

She gets to the very bottom of the stairs and looks up at him very close to his nose and lips and face in general.

“But this is not allowed, you're uninvited. An unfortunate slight.”

Cleopatra smiles at her victory as she starts to walk away but he grabs her arm, which is forbidden, but he carries the mark of the Roman Empire with his initials on them. She of course looks shocked and dismayed and thrown for a loop as the guards start to come closer to him. She holds up her other hand to stop them.

“I don't think you unworthy, I need a moment to deliberate.”

This said with utter disillusion as she doesn’t look at him for the longest time and then when she does it is with this passionate desire as she takes her hand away and holds her head up high and walks to her chambers during the great downbeat and he grins and he circles with his arms raised and he simply says to the crowd that is as lost as she was.”

“I am Mark Anthony. And you shall all bow to me.“


And just like that, they all do and she looks at him one last time before disappearing in the direction of her Bed Chamber, defeated.