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Bigfoot aliases: Yeti, Sasquatch, and Almas

So what exactly is Bigfoot? Is he a gorrilla or some other primate? What if he is a really hairy person? Both of these could be the answer but nobody has any clue what it is.  What makes the people of earth think that they know all the species on this huge planet? - they dont!! Only a few years ago, a unknown animal now named the Okapi was discovered. What about creatures we know of , but are thought to be extinct ? The coelacanth was thought to be extinct for 70 million years until they were discovered alive and well in 1938.  So is it really that hard to believe that a hair covered, man-like creature could exist on the verge of discovery ? In many remote areas of the world there have been sightings of just such a creature. Is this an unknown primate, the "missing link" or some other unknown species?  There is evidence to support the existance of just such a creature in the Northwestern United States as well as other remote areas.
There are numerous sightings every year. The descriptions of the creatures are very similar from sighting to sighting. There are discrepancies in some of the details.  The height is the most varied detail. Witnesses have reported the creatures to be from 5' to more than 10 feet tall!
The creatures have been shy and reclusive.  They normally try to avoid contact with humans.  Every now and then there are reports of sightings in populated areas.  Perhaps the creatures are just as curious about us as we are about them.

More bigfoot information will be added as soon as it becomes available to me!

Cisco's Opinion:
I think that Bigfoot is some creature that has yet to be classified in the world of science.  Yes the sightings are few and the descriptions vary from whitness to whitness but what if there is something out there living in its own trying to survive on this harsh planet just as we are doing.  But maybe it just wants to live in seclusion and away from everything else.  I think that there are more than one living out there, in fact I think that there may be a whole civilization of them.  Some people say that they saw Bigfoot with a youngster at its side and some say that they have seen womans characteristics in some of them.  All I think is that we shouldnt go out trying to find them but instead let them come to us when they are ready to be known.