The Alien Emporium
About Us
The Alien Emporium's headquarters is located in Billings, Montana.  It was started in 2002 as a side project but within the first couple months things started to take off and more time was put into it, updated regularly and new things added. 
My name is Francisco Marquez.  I don't know what got me into paranormal, maybe it was The X-Files, or the new Star Treks but something must have gotten me into this kind of stuff.  I believe in all of the supernatural, anything is possible.  I plan to travel to the famous places where supernatural things have ocurred, like go to Roswell, New Mexico in search of U.F.Os, or to Loch Ness in search of the legendary Loch Ness Monster, one thing that i want to find proof of is Bigfoot, he has to be out there somewhere. 
Currently I am the only one that operates the site. Who knows maybe someday in the future ill get sick of it and hire some help, but for now I can manage it.  This site is one of my most favorite hobbies.  I spend all of my spare time researching things of the Paranormal, doing lil tweaks on the site, and all that kind of stuff. 
I hope that this website can someday get its own address and not have to use a free one.  But for the mean time, this will do.  I also hope his site will last a long time and become famous. ;)