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This site offers not just subjects about aliens, but instead a whole bunch of subjects about the paranormal.  Pick your subject on the left hand side and in it you will find informative information about that subject and even pictures if they are available.  So please enjoy your stay here at The Alien Emporium!

I am going to strive to find and bring you the most information about the paranormal.  If you can't find what you are looking for email me about what you are looking for and i will find it and put it on here!!  - Cisco

Latest Site News:
1/17/02 - After a long wait the website has been updated.  There is a new navigation thingy at the bottom of the page, under the copyright stuff.  There is the About Us and Sponsors pages, there is also a feedback and another link to the Link page, there is a Donation thing being worked on (so you can help out The Alien Emporium!). Also the pages should load alot faster because I got rid of alot of useless stuff!
7/10/02 - You can now join The Alien Emporium, You can also get your site on The Alien Emporium Top 20 websites, You can now visit the Bigfoot section. The site got its fifth award!
7/12/02 - Fixed the counters on all the pages and got a new guestbook.  Added a section on The Dropa Stones, Mothman, and Cow Mutilations.
7/13/02 - Added all the buttons, got a new logo, added some more graphics.  Added a section on Project Majestic 12 and on Area 51.  A bunch of little fixes to.

What im working on:
ghost section
werewolf section
alien implants
x-files section
pictures section....
and a lot more these were
only the main things I have
big plans for the future!!

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