2002 Dakota CC Sport 4.7L
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My Boat


A pic of my boat hooked my truck



A couple more shots of the boat



Look what my boat has done to the glass lake

It's a 1987 Thompson Cutlass 185 (18.5ft) I/O 165hp. with a little damage to the prop, I have had it a little over 40mph, with me and a buddy. This is my first boat, I never really planed on buying one. I started looking at them because I got tired of fishing from shore, just wanted something cheap, and a week later I found this one. I paid $2,900 for it and the only real major thing wrong with it was that the wooden floor had rotted out. So $300 and a few man hours with a little help from a buddy we finished it within a few weeks. I still need to lay down the carpet, but I plan on doing that in the spring. It's a real blast, and well worth the $2,900 plus repairs. The funny thing is I hardly fish with it, jumpin waves are awesome.