Alex and Bibi's Sewing Machine Collection

"We're all stitched up"

This web site is dedicated to collectors of old sewing machines, wherever in the world you may be. Our passion is to take unloved and neglected, but priceless machines, and restore them to their former beauty. Rusted and seized machines which haven't sewn a stitch in years, we clean and oil and make work again.

When we have to make parts, paint and redecorate machines and cabinets, we may use a little "poetic licence" when the original designs are gone completely. For this we make no apology, for to abandon examples of our sewing heritage because they no longer look attractive would be a tragedy. Each of them has a unique quality and beauty to be treasured.

So surf through our collection, and feel free to e-mail us if you want any information on any of the machines.

Our beautiful Wertheim Planet, an example of a machine which had
seriously deteriorated through years of neglect.
We fully refurbished it,
new paintwork was applied, spare parts made and fitted and the whole
machine made to work again. To see more, click on the machine.

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