First Project
Foy & Gibson Treadle Cabinet

Foy & Gibson operated a store located at 555 to 559 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia, from the early 1900s until around 1960. They were primarily grocers and drapers, however they also were manufacturers of furniture and ships chandlery.

This general view shows how much work needs to be done. Condition of cabinet is poor, substantial damage to the wood veneer and active rust in the ironwork.

Veneer missing from the top of a drawer, not the easiest thing to fix.

Foy & Gibson Badge, on the treadle frame. Rust is quite advanced.

The poor old machine! Seized, slide plate missing, shocking rust all over. The name Astor is barely visible on the arm.

No bed decals left, only faint outlines show original design.

Where to start?

Progress report 1 November 2001

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