First Project
Foy & Gibson Treadle Cabinet

Update November 23 - 2001

Treadle frame fully reconditioned. Bearing surfaces re-machined. Pitman overhauled. New Japanning applied, gold trim added


Machine head was in surprisingly good condition. Only the clutch knob thread was seriously worn to the point of being nearly stripped. This is in the process of being welded up and re-threaded. Photo (not the best) shows the head after new japanning and decorating, bright ware out for nickel plating.

Cabinet top and front dress panel after being treated with paint stripper, veneer re-glued and filled as required. Right hand leg of dress panel was broken off completely. I had to glue and pin it back into place.

Original shield panel was so badly delaminated it had to be replaced. New panel needs to be stained to match original.

Drawer stacks after cleaning, stripping and priming. Both in excellent condition. Drawers themselves (not shown yet!) are a total disaster. Lots of repairs needed on them.

My research reveals that this beautiful treadle machine was in fact made by the Standard Sewing Machine Company of Cleveland, Ohio. It is virtually identical to the 'Paragon' machine sold in the U.S. but has been named 'Astor' for the Foy & Gibson company in Australia. The serial number of this machine is 1118304P and I have tentatively dated it as circa 1910 - 1920.

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