H. Grossmann manufactured sewing
machines in Dresden, Germany prior
to World War 2. Many such factories
were appropriated by the nazis for the
making of gun mechanisms due to the
precision machinery and capable work-
force available in them. The Grossmann
factory was levelled by allied bombing
in 1943, destroying all company records.


Grossmann Dresdensia
(Straw Hat Machine)

Serial Number 57982

Images of this unusual and rare machine
have been very kindly provided by it's
owner, Mr. Bruce Allen of East Brisbane.

As can be seen, this machine bears a strong
resemblance to the Willcox & Gibbs visible
stitch machine of the same era, with even a
similar decoration.

Grossmann Anita B

Serial Number 111576

This machine also bears the number
12937 stamped on the underside of
it's base. A previous owner has
scratched her name into the japanning
on the arm, it reads "Mary Beattie 1941"

Grossmann Anita II

Serial Number 120452

First photo shows machine before restoration

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