New Home Sewing Machine Company.

The Gold Medal Sewing Machine Company was established in 1860, by Johnson, Clarke, & Company of Orange, Massachusetts, U.S.A. . About 1882, the company was re-organised and renamed The New Home Sewing Machine Company. .

The trademark of the New Home Company was a greyhound with the legend “Light Running New Home.” This inscription was generally placed in the centre of the bedplate.

The company merged with The Free Sewing Machine Company in 1927, but both companies continued to manufacture their own individual product lines for some time. In the 1930s, production of New Home sewing machines ceased, and the “New Home” name became a brand name of the Free Sewing Machine Company.

In 1953 the Free/New Home partnership merged with The National Sewing Machine Company.

In 1957, National was absorbed by the Japanese corporation, Janome.


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