Vulcan Sewing Machines .

The Vulcan toy sewing machine was manufactured by the Sydney S. Bird Company of Poole, Dorset, England, which came into existence in the early 1930s in Enfield, Middlesex before relocating to Fleets Lane, Poole in 1953.

The Vulcan 'Junior' was patented in 1957, and was manufactured until the mid 1960s. It was produced in two colour variants, a light blue, and a darker metallic blue.

The Vulcan 'Countess' was manufactured from 1964 to around 1970. They had a variety of colour schemes as follows;

1- Beige body with brown handwheel & base

2- Blue-grey body with dark blue handwheel & base

3- Fawn body with dark brown handwheel & base

4- Dark red body with charcoal handwheel & base

5- Green body with charcoal handwheel & base

The Vulcan 'Classic' was the same machine as the 'Countess', but was battery operated motor driven.

Vulcan sewing machines discontinued production around 1971, and the Sydney S. Bird company closed down in 1981.


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