William L. Gilbert Clock Company.

William L. Gilbert ( 1806 – 1890) started making clocks in his early twenties. From 1828, he formed various partnerships with clockmakers in the towns of Bristol, Farmington and Winstead Connecticut, U.S.A.

He formed the Gilbert Manufacturing Company in 1866, giving the key position of General Manager to George B. Owen (1834 – 1916) Owen designed many quality clock cases for Gilbert, and also patented a number of special clock movement features.

The Gilbert Manufacturing Company was closed down after a fire destroyed the premises in 1871. On July 5, 1871, the William L. Gilbert Clock Company was formed. In July 1873, the new factory complex was completed and production commenced.

George B. Owen and his sons were forced to relinquish control of the company in 1914 due to the depression. After years of struggling to survive, the firm finally went into receivership in September 1932

On July 20, 1934, a new company knownas the William L. Gilbert Clock Corporation was formed to succeed the earlier company.

They were taken over by General Computing Machines Corporation in 1957. The clockmaking operations were sold to Spartus Corporation of Chicago in December, 1964.


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