Background Information

The Blessed Mother reportedly appeared to Judiel Nieva in Agoo, La Union in 1989. It received great media attention to the extent Jaime Cardinal Sin officiated Mass in the apparition site. However, in the course of time and the test of time, the Nieva family and Judiel himself failed to resist the luster of money in the form of donations. The money supposed to go to building a Church in the apparition site were used for the family's personal consumption. At the height of this corruption in 1993, the Blessed Virgin Mary left and began to appear to another. This time in Murphy, Cubao to Allan Rudio. In 1995, the Church publicly proclaimed the Agoo Apparitions condemned. Messages dating from 1993 onwards seemed duplicates of messages from other seers. The Church was not able to observe a true change for the better in Judiel Nieva and his family.

The situation of corruption is such that a priest expressed to Allan Rudio that Judiel Nieva was seen wearing a dress, lipstick and make-up for his 18th birthday.

Judiel Nieva continues to deceive by claiming to still receive messages as reported by Ethel Valiente, reporter of a weekly magazine, "Women's Journal."

Due to what has unfortunately happened to Judiel Nieva, the Rudio Family and all concerned have taken great care and precaution in preventing the mistakes of the Nieva situation to happen to Allan and all surrounding him.

Donations are accepted only by a screening process. Instead, the faithful are asked to donate Scapulars and Rosaries or help in funding new medals or Xeroxing messages and the like. The income of the family comes from the father who drives around the Metro Manila in a taxi cab. The Mother, Mrs. Josie Rudio, used to be the 'bread winner' when she was a domestic helper in Hong Kong. She came back to the Philippines in 1993 to attend to Allan and the alleged apparitions her son was receiving.

Mrs. Josie said that while in Hong Kong before she was told of what was happening to Allan, she met a lady dressed in brown and told her to go to her son. Mrs. Josie did not listen to the stranger. How else was she to support the family?! The father was not performing his duties and obligations towards his sons and wife with diligence. He was often given to intoxication. When she finally did return, she saw a statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the home. She then realized the woman in brown she spoke with in Hong Kong was the Blessed Mother.

In 1994, the father turned for the better, no longer a drunkard but a worker of Mary. I've seen the Rudio home a number of times. It is always well kept but by and large it remains a shanty. A toilet the size of closet, one bedroom, a kitchen and dining room in one and a room of prayer. There is one couch, one bed and two closets.

Public Apparitions started on March 1994 onwards. All messages since then have a seal. This is but one of the many precautions to prevent the tragedy that happened to Judiel Nieva, fabrication.


Around the second to the third week of August 1995, an alledged message regarding the Great Warning circulated around various Marian organizations. The 'message' said the Great Warning' would be on August 22, 1995. The 'message' suppposedly was given to Allan Rudio. A copy was obtained from one of the Marian organizations directly involved at that time.

Upon closer inspection, there is no seal. Very similar in the type used in typing the messages of Allan. The message was given on August 13 and yet the Public Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary was on August 5, 1995 - the first Saturday. On July 7, 1995, Jesus said that the next apparition after August 5, 1995 of Mary would be September 8, 1995. No messages could have been possible for August 13, 1995.

On Allan's 17th birthday this May 21, 1997, I brought with me the Xerox of the message supposedly coming from Allan. Mrs. Josie Rudio read it and said "This has no seal. This did not come from here." and gave it for Allan to read. Allan's response "This did not come from here." (Their response translated into English)

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