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Message Received By Allan Gentle E. Rudio From The Blessed Virgin Mary
January 3, 1998 at 10:00 P.M.

40th Public Apparition

My Dear Little Children, Peace!

Peace to all of you, peace to all My Filipino children! I ask all of you to pray more! Pray continuously for the Holy Father, Pray for his Good Health and for his safety.

Prepare yourselves continuously for the coming of the Great Chastisement! The signs are now here, so don't waste your time anymore. Always be prepared spiritually and physically. Concentrate more on the spiritual preparation than the physical preparation. By your prayers and My pleading to God The Father, the Great Lightning is postponed but it will be added to the Great Chastisement!

This year 1998, many more calamities will come. Many more persecutions, many more conflict, troubles, inside and outside the Catholic Church. The Pope will suffer so much this year. Many more Cardinals, Bishops and Priests will turn against him. Little children, can't you feel the anger of God? This year, Presidents will fight against Presidents, the world will be in a Great Economic Collapse. Little children, many dreadful events will come!

I ask all of you to pray to God and beg for His Mercy. I love you all little children but all these events must take place so that the prophecies of the Old Scriptures be fulfilled! I, your Mother will always be with you until The Last Judgment. Don't lose Hope. The coming of the Reign of Peace is your only hope! I love you all My Dearest Filipino children!

Of all the countries, I love this Nation! This country is so beloved to Me. I promise, I will always be here for you as your Mother, as your Patroness and as your Protectress! Love and go back to Jesus My Son!

Peace to all of you!

+ Virgo Maria +

Message Received By Allan Gentle E. Rudio From Our Lord Jesus Christ
February 6, 1998 At 9:00 P.M.

37th Public Apparition

My Little Children Peace to all of you!

I give My Peace to all of you. I ask all of you to increase your prayers and your sacrifices. Pray, pray and pray. Continue also your physical and spiritual preparation for the coming of the Great Chastisement! Prepare little ones, prepare without fear! Follow all the instructions that We have given to all of you. The Great Warning is so close and it is coming soon. Many things will happen throughout the World. Many will be confused. Feud between countries will take place which will cause the Great War to start. Persecutions to My Church will also take place. Many more Catholic Bishops and Priests will turn against the Pope. The Enemy will be much stronger than before. All these are part of the punishment from My Father.

Have courage and faith in facing these troubled times. One day My children all these will end. All OUR sufferings will end soon! Pray more! Consecrate yourselves to My Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of My Mother and you will be protected. Only your faith and consecration will be your shield against the Enemy. Pray more and trust in Me.

My dear Filipino children, on March 25 it will be Our last apparition. It does not mean that We will leave you forever. You will continue to see Us if you open your hearts to the Truth. We love you! You, Filipinos are very special to Us!

Pray more and offer all your sufferings for more conversion. I have nothing else to say but I love you... I love you all!

This is Jesus, The Son of God Who is speaking.

+ Jesus Christ+


Message Received By Allan Gentle E. Rudio From The Blessed Virgin Mary
February 7, 1998 At 10:00 P.M.

41st Public Apparition

My Dear Children Peace to all of you!

I ask all of you to continue praying the Rosary for more conversion. I ask you also to continue your prayers for the Pope. Pray for his good health and his safety. Continue also your physical and spiritual preparation for the coming of the Great Chastisement. Consecrate yourselves to Our Loving Hearts and You will be protected. You must prepare without fear. If you are really prepared spiritually and physically and you are consecrated to Our Hearts, there's nothing to be afraid of.

Pray My children, pray! Never lose hope because the Hour of Justice is coming soon. After the Purification, the Reign of Peace will come! Just continue to pray and offer all your trials to God.

My Filipino children, Our last meeting will be on March 25. Don't be sad because it will not take long and We will see each other again on the Glorious Reign of Peace!

My children, My filipino children, all of you are very special to My Heart. You are like roses. I love you all! Peace to all of you! I want all of you to have Peace of Jesus inspite of all what's happening.

I have nothing else to say but I love you! Till our last meeting on March 25.

This is Mary, The Mother of God Who is speaking.

+ Virgo Maria +

Weng is the designated person who videotapes the apparition. She called in sick. I was put to the task.

With so many people present and a very small area, television sets are located in the small passage way from outside the street all the way to the Apparition Site. this way, people will be able to see what is going on inside the apparition site.

The camera still sat on the tripod focused on the tree and the statues of Jesus and Mary. It wasn't time for the apparition. A small child pointed to the TV set and described that he saw St. Michael. Two or three others confirmed it.

When the apparition had started, I took the camera from the tripod and focused it on Allan and the tree decorated with Christmas lights. Now and again I would point the camera on the tree.

Towards the end of the apparition, people from outside the street, inside the alley and in the apparition site reported seeing the Blessed Mother. Rudy saw a crown made of many small lights, then he saw the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He checked to see if I was focusing the camera on the statue. Nope, it was focused on the tree. He told Nanay Puti and she was beside herself at what she was seeing. She felt so happy she didn't know what to do.

Meanwhile, outside the street, people saw the silhouette of the Blessed Mother. A young lady, a helper of the Nuns from Tayabas Province, is silently in tears looking at the tree. It was her first time to come to the apparition site. The Sisters were gently patting her shoulders. They have seen Her too several times at many of the Public Apparitions of Jesus and Mary they have attended.

When the messages have been dictated, it was time to wave goodbye. My focus was again on the tree and on the sky. I moved the camera to and fro in the night sky.

It was a short message because of the drizzle of rain from a cloudy sky. The Public apparitions are always outdoors.

As I scanned the sky I heard people begin to exclaim it awe. Some cried. Some shouted, there She is. Mostly it was shouts of ohhs and ahhs. Most near everyone saw the open gates of Heaven while others saw the Blessed Virgin going towards the gate. The people no longer were sitting but waving goodbye and pointing at the open gates of Heaven. The direction they were looking at is to my right about 45 to 50 degrees up.

Directly over our heads, another spectacular display of God's power. People were pointing and waving and shouting in joy. The clouds over our heads was rolling back. I hope most of you have seen video footage of cloud formation played fast forward. This is what they saw. This is what I was taping. Annie and some tohers saw the face of Our Lady of Medjugorje where the sky was clearing. Then Annie saw Our Lady holding the baby Jesus. Sol and two others saw God the Father seated on a Throne. Others had their eyes focused on the still open gates of heaven scene. This scene whisked away into the center of the opening sky while the clouds continued to roll back. There were more shouts of joy.

People in the alley ran to the street to look at the opening sky, to look at the open gates of Heaven disappear from sight to say goodbye to our Blessed Mother who had entered the gates.

The 3/4 moon comes into the picture. The clouds open further to show the moon over our heads. I've never seen a pulsating sun but the moon we were looking at took a life of its own.

I thought the camera was faulty because this moon would come down as if falling on our heads. Being the cameraman I wanted to duck for cover. Then it would return to its original position. Then it would come down again and become so large. It would then return to its original position. Several times it plunged so rapidly and become so large. Then the clouds slowed as if the fast-forward was slowed to play mode.

I turned off the Videocam and watched to see the ecstatic faces of the people in front of me. It was then that dear friends began to approach me. They said I was lucky to have seen everything that they saw [which they described]. Still others complained why I turned the Camera to Allan and then the tree several times during the apparition. They told me I should have just kept it on the tree because they could not get enough of looking at Mary ever Virgin.

In the vernacular, I told them, my dear friends, I saw Allan, I saw the three strewn with Christmas lights, I saw the clouds roll back in themost spectacular way and then I saw the moon become large and plunge at great speed. I saw nothing but this.

I didn't have an answer for their questions on how the camera made its way to see all those things with precision. I didn;t see what they saw. I saw what I saw and that was that. I didn't tell them though that I moved the videocam the way I did because of the cramps I would get at holding the camera in one place too long. For the sake of my arm, it brought comfort to move the camera here and there from time to time.

The whole experience was nothing short of fascinating. A cameraman who didn't see and the viewing audience that saw it all:)


Message Received By Allan Gentle E. Rudio From Our Lord Jesus Christ
March 6, 1998 At 11:00 P.M.

38th Public Apparition

My sweet children of My Sacred Heart, Peace!

I give to all of you My Peace. I ask all of you to continue your prayers, Pray, Pray and Pray! Pray the Rosary for more conversion. Continue also your physical and spiritual preparation for the coming of the Great Chastisement! Prepare, prepare and prepare! Be prepared spiritually and physically but most of all prepare your hearts and your souls. The Great Chastisement is only a few steps away! Heed and response to our messages.

This coming days, Satan will be much stronger than before, he is so active today! Many souls will dragged to hell because of their sins and I ask for your sacrifices. Pray little children! Consecrate yourselves to My Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of My Mother and you will be protected. Your total consecration and your prayers will be your only protection during these Final Days!

Be prepared little children. Prepare without fear! These messages are messages of love not of fear. Never be afraid, My Sacred Heart will always protect you. On March 25, it will be the last apparition of My Mother here in the Philippines. I and with other Saints will join Her in Her visitation. St. Joseph will come too. I love you all My sweet children, I love you all! I ask for your prayers! Pray and prepare!

Love one another as I have loved you! Teach others to love. Be Jesus to others. I love you all, yes, very much! Till Our last meeting on March 25. Pray, prepare! Love one another! Peace to all of you!

This is Jesus, The Son of God Who is speaking.

+ Jesus Christ +


Message Received By Allan Gentle E. Rudio From The Blessed Virgin Mary
March 25, 1998 At 9:00 P.M.

42st Public Apparition

My dear children peace to all of you!

All of you are gathered here to receive My last and final message. To all My beloved Filipino children, I want to thank all of you for coming tonight. I want you to know that I love you very much, I want you to know that God loves you so much. Continue praying and living your lives as true Christians. Continue preparing yourselves spiritually and physically. I love this country, I love Philippines, I want all of you to know that God loves you so much! Repent My children and heed My messages before everything is too late! I will always be with you. I will always remember you, I will always be with you, that's a promise.

I have given you all the things you must know, go My children and do your part! All I want to say tonight is I love you, I love you and I love you! If you only knew how much I love you, you would cry for Joy! Im very happy to see all of you! I am the Immaculate Queen of the most Holy Rosary and of Good Salvation. I, your Mother will be your help and refuge when the last hour comes.

Pray, pray and pray! Tonight I will leave all of you a sign, a miracle, the miracle of love!

Bow now your heads and receive My blessings and the mark of the Cross. I now mark you with the Cross of My Son, in the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit! Go now and have peace!

+ Virgo Maria +

Imposition of Medal will be on May 2, 1998 (1st Saturday) at 7:00 P.M.

For inquiry please call 912-0156 look for Mrs. Josie E. Rudio

***26F 12th Avenue, Murphy, Quezon City***

Allan Rudio Web Site: https://members.tripod.com/~Allan_Rudio/

The first to appear is St. Gabriel the Archangel. He opened a scroll that wrote, "Congratulations for you have finished your mission. Thank you very much! We love you!"

The Blessed Mother was accompanied by Her Son, Jesus Christ. She is dressed as Our Lady of the Brown Race. (See page on the Brown Race Group) Above Her head was a crown of Twelve Stars. Our Lord appeared with a crown over His Head and a scepter on his hand. There were angels at their feet holding musical instruments. A brilliant light and rainbow surrounded Jesus and Mary.

After the Public Messages were dictated, St. Joseph came wearing brown and a green sash around his waist. He was in between Jesus and Mary. Also present were: St. Francis of Assisi
St. Francis Xavier
San Don Bosco
Seven Archangels
Blessed Margaret Castello
St. Augustine
San Lorenzo Ruiz
St. Clare
whom all gave their blessings.

Many people saw rose petals appear in the sky, fall, and then vanish before they hit the ground. Others saw hosts flying. Our Lady said the drizzle falling on us were Her tears of joy.

When Allan proceeded closer to the Apparition Tree to say farewell, Allan saw seven roses at Her feet. On the rose petals, he saw the names of the people who attend the vigils of the Brown Race Group and others besides.

During the time of the last message, as the Blessed Virgin Mary said "I now mark you with the Cross of My Son, in the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit!," Her Son extended His arms and bright streaks of powerful rays of light came forth from His hands to mark the faithful present with the sign of the Cross. The rays of light hit the foreheads with such force of impact that the lights splashed as if water. Some of the faithful felt a tremendous surge of what they can only describe as electricity for lack of a better term surge through them starting from the head working its way thourgh the whole body. Allan can see the Cross of the faithful marked with the sign of the Cross at all times.

During the Great Warning, those with the sign of the Cross will be able to see the Cross on their foreheads. The Cross will also glow during that time. Three days before the Great Warning, Our Lady will come again to advise Allan and others.

Each person's Cross is a different color. The various colors range from sky blue, light green, red, violet, blue, orange, yellow, pink, maroon, brown, silver, gold to other colors. When a person's mood changes the Cross brightens or dims accordingly. As a soul moves onward to the ways of Holiness, the color will change.

Many were moved to tears during this last public apparition. The angels came to their side to comfort them and wipe their tears.

Moving Hosts

Heaven's Lightshow

To the right of the date appeared two columns of a very bright light. Above the hanging electric light is the symbol for 'Omega' Fitting as God the Father also came to the Last Public Message. Fitting because it is the Last Public Apparition. Above the symbol is the letter "M' for Mary. Some flying hosts also appeared in the picture. This was taken as Allan watched Jesus and Mary leave the apparition site.

Saying Farewell

Allan reaches with his right hand to touch the feet of Jesus and Mary.

Annie gave the microphone to Allan. As she was handing the mic to him, she felt the end of Our Lady's head covering brush against her arm.

At the top right and center are two triangular shaped objects.

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