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While all the Private Messages are not for general circulation, below please find some messages provided for you to give you a general idea of the gist of the messages. The private messages are not for circulation to the general public. They are messages delving on instructions for an Apostolate entitled "Our Lady of the Brown Race." This is the same group whom the messages are addressed to. Messages are instruction for their lives as well as instructions for the construction of a Basilica on the apparition site during the Reign of Peace. Most of the messages are regarding the Reign of Peace (i.e. to prepare items or the Blessed Virgin Mary tells of the situation then in contrast to the situation now.)

It is known that Allan will enter the Reign of Peace. In the Reign of Peace, Fr. Syd will be celebrating the first Mass in the apparition site.


(Name has been witheld upon request. The private messages presented below is not in chronological order. Some have been summarized.)

Private Messages regarding the Medal of Good Salvation:
March 25, 1994, from 1:55 P.M. to 2:05 P.M.

My dear, dear children,

Please pray the Rosary, wear the (brown) scapular. March 25 - imposition of Medal and my first public apparition as I have promised you will see miracles today. When the Medal of Good Salvation is imposed (on) to you, you should continue to wear the brown Scapular. The Medal has 2 purposes:

1.When you go to Mass and receive Communion, the back of the Medal should be seen;
2.And if you are in the house or in any public place, the front of the Medal should be seen.

Also, when one is in the Adoration Chapel, the back of the Medal should be seen.

Example of how a follower is called to assist in Her apostolate of the Brown Race Group.

"I have a special message for _____, My son. The right time has come. I am inviting you to serve Jesus and Me here in Our apparition site by becoming a member of Our Lady of the Brown Race group. You are the very last person that I have called to this group. I will not call again because all the persons destined to be called are now here. At last after so many years, Our Lady of the Brown Race Group is now complete. Pray more and I love you."

Example of an assignment being given to a member.

"This message of mine will not be so long. I just give ______ his assignment. ______, since your Patron Saint is Saint Paul the Apostle, I'm assigning to you his image. The image will be placed in a chapel dedicated to him. Pray more."

On the Holy Father:

August 7, 1997 3:15 A.M. to 3:30 A.M.

Pray more. Pray confidently. Pray for the Holy Father. He will leave the Vatican soon. The hour of justice is fast approaching. Be prepared spiritually and physically and always be in the State of Grace. Consecrate yourself to the Immaculate Heart everyday. Satan is using people to drag men to Hell.

I love you. Be ready to face the trials, the persecution and sufferings that you will receive. I will never abandon you. Just hang on because after all the waiting is done, you will get there. During the Reign of Peace you will feel the real happiness. I love you. Pray more. Pray and prepare.

On Satan and the Final Days:

August 26, 1997 2:35 A.M. to 2:55 A.M.

Peace to all of you.

Pray for more conversion, for the Pope and for his safety. Pray for those who do not want to listen. Your only duty is to pray. Concentrate more on the spiritual preparation. Pray and prepare. During these final days, the whole world will be put over to Satan's power. He will confuse people. He will spread anger, hatred and revenge. Your Consecration to our hearts will be your only protection. I'm doing my best to bring you all to the arms of God. Pray and prepare. I love you all.

On Consoling Our Holy Mother:

August 30, 1997 3:25 A.M. to 3:35 A.M.

Little ones, Peace.

I ask all of you to pray for more conversion. The Pope needs your prayers so much. Pray more so that you may resist the temptations of Satan. He is using people to create anger, hatred and revenge. Be strong. This message is not only for the whole world but especially for you. [On August 26, a member aired to the group the message regarding anger, hatred and revenge is directed at us. Colonel Buen argued it is for the whole world.]

Children of Mine, you are supposed to console Me. To dry My tears and that this pain in My Heart may be lessened. But what are you doing? You are adding pain in My Heart. But I graciously accept them because I love you all. Please console Me. I love you all. I don't want all of you to be punished and thrown to Hell. Love one another as I love you. Pray more.

September 2, 1997 3:12 A.M. to 3:15 A.M.

Pray. Pray for the Pope and his safety. I love you. Eventhough you are few, you are still big in My Heart. You are here sharing My sufferings and joining me in prayer. I love you and I bless all of you who are here.

This message of mine will not be so long. Because the First Friday apparition is this week, we will only have one vigil on Wednesday so you can rest and prepare. pray more. Pray for them and still love them.

On the Government and the Church:

September 18, 1997 2:15 A.M. to 2:35 A.M.

Peace to all of you. Continue to pray the Rosary for more conversion and for the Pope. His health is in much trouble. Much changes in the government. Conflict between the Church and the government. Pray and offer some little sacrifices. Come back on Saturday for the Vigil. During the Vigil I will be there with you praying. I love you all.


June 12, 1997

* Do not compare God's time to yours.
* All of you are not yet prepared, don't hurry.
* Respect the time-table of God.
* The punishment is now coming.
* Stop calculating and let God decide.
* I did not tell you to calculate the fulfillment of the messages.
* Stop asking the seers when the Warning and Chastisement will be.
* Respect God and his time.
* I did not tell you to be exaggerated about the messages

June 13, 1997

* Pray without fear, be not afraid.
* All of you are under my patronage.

Private Messages update:

* All the signs are now here.
* You will see and experience more signs concerning the great punishment of God.
* During these final days the battle between good and evil will be much worse than before.
* Your prayers and your total consecration will be your only protection.
* I need your help and you need my help.

Allan went to the back of the Throne Room of God. There he saw a small replica of our earth in rotation. Surrounding it at equal distance were three (3) threads enclosed in a glass casing. The 3 threads represented the GREAT WARNING, GREAT MIRACLE, and THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS. Each thread had a scissor already touching the thread. All God had to do was squeeze. GW scissor color is red. GM scissor is white. THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS scissor is black. He tried to cut the first thread but it wont budge. The two glass casings he could touch but the third glass casing was surrounded by electricity.

At the Blessed Virgin's room, he saw another thread with yet another scissor. The scissor was Gold and the thread represented the Reign of Peace. The scissor was just inches away from the thread and so not yet ready for cutting.

Some members of the Our Lady of the Brown Race Group

Some members of the Our Lady of the Brown Race Group

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