The Brown Race Group

Patroness of the Brown Race Group - Our Lady of the Brown Race

Our Lady formed the Brown Race Group in 1994. The group's focus is to assist in the apparition site and pray for Jesus and Mary's intentions via the Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening vigils.

The vigils begin at 9:00 P.M. and end at 3:00 A.M. Our Lady appears to Allan and gives a Private Message which he writes down. It is then read to the group and then archived

In between prayers, the members spend the time by making Rosaries and Scapulars among others. When Colonel Buen is present, he reads and expounds on the life of Our Lord as revealed to Maria Valtorta in her writings, 'The Poem of the Man God.'

Election to the group is through the invitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Usually, a person attends for some time before the Blessed Mother invites them.

Our Lady has formed the Brown Race Group specifically to assist in the apparition site and to assist in the apostolate. Each member has their own task. Wen Quiroc is assigned as video camera person during the Public Apparitions. If unavailable, Bokg Ko fills in. Nanay Taba is assigned prayer Leader during the Public Apparitions, Private Messages and Vigils. Connie Telan is assigned to database the Public Messages. Annie Fielding helps Allan Rudio during the Public Apparitions. Lando is the speaker and expounds on the Public Messages. Rudy Blesar is assigned to keeping order. Ronie Guerrero is assigned to the candles. Lando is assigned to the incense. Others help out as ushers and usherettes. Many more tasks are involved for other members.

How can someone make it to the ERA of PEACE?

By practicing Faith, Hope and Charity.


Faith in God, in Jesus Christ and benefits of His Crucifixion, with continuity, intensity and itelligence.


See faith with earthly eyes only.
Practice faith in lukewarm, weak manner.
Narrow mindedness and only believe what is experienced.


Hope in God and in Jesus Christ by faith and reliance on promises of God.


Despair from lack of faith.
Excessive fear.
Ingratitude to God


Charity to God and neighbor.
Make no distinction friend or enemy.
Kind, patience, meekness, without emulation, nor envy, desires not to acquire, readily distributes all, consents not to evil.


Not showing or sharing the love of neighbor for the love of God.
Selfish love/imperfect love seeking God only for temporal or spiritual blessings and pleasures.
Being cruel to others.
Using rash judgements.
Being unkind to God.
Not thanking God for his benefits.
Wasting gifts of God.


Wise use of memory, reason and intelligence to plan one's life to please God and act in virtue.
Using docility - good judgement.
Being open to learn from others.
Being clever - attentive/judging right course of action.
Being prepared.
Faculty of giving good counsel.
Using simplicity of a dove and the prudence of a serpent.


Using passions which snare and confound reason.
Disorderly sorrow.
EXCESSIVE JOY (Most common in us all)
Undertaking things without considering the proper means of success.
Ungoverned anger.
Lack of moderation and cousel.
Hasty judgements.
Lack of firmness in pursuing God.


Use perfect equity to God and neighbour.
Wise judgements of others as in courts, if they conform to reason.
showing dignity to superiors and dignitaries and people of rank.
Expressing gratitude, thankfulness, truthfulness to God and neighbour.
Recompensing damage.
Being friendly and affable.
Not being boastful.
Using wisdom.


Forgetting veneration, adoration and reverence dut to God.
Failure to moderate pleasure/passion resulting in injustice toward neighbour.
Showing deference to who people are in making distribution of goods or offices.
Rendering to others reverence due to God alone.
Not being cordial or decent to others.


Moderating personal activity of a person's choleric (disordant) affections and thus overcoming obstacles in getting rid of vices.
Conforming to reason not anger.
Patience/patient endurance.
Strive after just and good.
Making great sacrifices.
Abhorring flattery.
Speak little of self.
Take on great tasks for God.


Irascibility/Irascible passions.
Throwing away good judgement.
Taken up with small things.
After beginning great tasks leaving them undone.
Failure to do good deeds when presented.


Regualting all natural appetites.
Striving after good.
Use reason to regulate passions.
Restraint over how much one indulges in all things.


Passions rise up and rebel.
Spoiled human nature.
Pleasure seekers.
Impulse of passions.
Seeking delights of taste.
Disorderly gestures and carriage which serve senuality and vanity.


Imitating the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY is the greatest way to practice the VIRTUE OF HOLLINESSE:

1. Gifting ourselves to God. (Resign yourself to God)
2. Develop a selflessness in ourselves and total surrender to God's Providential Care.
3. Practice Virtue in Obedience to God's Law. (Practice the Seven virtues mentioned above.)

Equipped with your '7 valve engine', you now need gas. The virtues are fueled by your prayer life. The better the quality of gas, the longer the engine will ast. Prayer has its levels. They are as follows:

Level 1

Vocal Prayer

Level 2

Meditation: Subjects can be virtue, lives of Jesus, Mary and the Saints, a truth or dogma of the Church, an attribute of God, the Mass and sacraments, amont others)

Level 3

Affective Prayer: it is a simplified meditation in which love predominates.

Level 4

Prayer of Simplicity: It is a simple loving gaze upon some divine object, God or His perfections. It is a form of ascetical prayer but very simplified.

Level 5

Infused Contemplation: An infused knowledge of God. Invasion of the soul by the supernatural. Cannot be produced alone. More passive than active. The soul knows it is under the direction of God.

Level 6

Prayer of Quiet: A type of mystical prayer in which the intimate awareness of God's presence. Done in silence and repose, yet the faculties are free to be occupied in work. NEVER FORCE this prayer, let the spirit move you, maintain quietness of soul.

Level 7

Prayer of Union: ALL the interior faculties including memory and imagination are held by God.

Level 8

Prayer of Conforming Union: In this is rapture and ecstasy experiences. it is a spiritual betrothal with God.

Level 9

Prayer of transforming union: There is a total transformation of the soul into the Beloved, mutual surrender and permanent union of love.

By practice all of this in your life. It is not easy but you can begin slowly but surely. Also, it is important to mention that if someone wants to enter the Reign of Peace, they must also ask, knock and seek.

by Glenn and Helene inspired from the messages

Dear Lord Jesus Christ. Dear Mary, my Mother.
Thank you for all the blessings and graces
you continue to shower upon me.
I am aware I am a sinner.
Therefore please take my suffering and grant me more.
I offer it up as Purgatorial Suffering.

I knock, I seek, I ask that you consider my entrance into the Reign of Peace.
Please give me the graces, strength and wisdom to make it through the tribulations.
Let me hear Your Words "Enter, O good and faithful servant" at the end of my journey

Help me to grow in Your ways.
For there is no other way
but to hold on to you for as long as I live.
I resign myself to your Holy Will O Lord.
To Your Holy Will I resign.

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