The Miraculous Well

Anniversary of the well at the apparition site

It was February 11, 1998 and the members of the Brown Race Group gathered to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the Spring of Our Lady. The Spring of the Healing Water.

I thought I knew all there was to know about the apparition site. I heard more stories that night. It is hard to translate everything word for word. My mind is not capable. Here are a few conversations worth noting from casual informal conversation.

Annie : It was Sunday and Allan was told to dig with his hands at the backyard. There was only a few of us. It was unkept. Very unclean and dirty. Allan got down on his knees and began digging. The Blessed Mother was present. She told Allan where to dig. My gosh, he dug through a layer of Adobe! Mar helped him with a shovel only one time. Then water sprouted! I was taken aback in surprise! It was water. A pool begun to swell. It was brown murky water. We drank it.

Mar : Months later I cleaned up the area. I used a shovel and no matter where I dig, I couldn't penetrate more than an inch. I remember when I hired workers to cement the surrounding area of the well. They chiseled away deeper than the well Allan dug. The worker said " What gives!? I dug deeper than the well and there's no water! How come?"

Josie : When I was new to what was happening to my son. I really didn't believe him. I thought it was all fake. But then it was his Crucifix that convinced me. He said more than twice it was bleeding. I just told him to wipe it off. Then one day when it was just two of us in the van, he said "Ouch!" He took the Crucifix from under his shirt and sure enough, there was blood dripping. Where he got the blood if he faked it, well, it's just not possible. I was in the van with him for a long time.

When he was suffering the 15 sufferings of Our Lord, I was so worried for him that I prayed the St. Michael Prayer. Allan in his suffering said, "Ma, this is the sufferings of Jesus Christ, it is not an attack by demons." So I prayed the Hail Mary instead.

I used to see him through the Passion of Jesus Christ. For me, a mother, it was painful to watch.

Connie : When he cried, we too were brought to tears.

Connie : We didn't know many things. When we went on "missions to the provinces", the sun would follow us, we didn't know it was the dancing sun. We would just say " Oh look, so beautiful, the sun is following us." It would spin and follow us while the van moved along the road.

Mar : I didn't even know what Dogma meant. Still don't!

Josie : One time there was this fluffy stuff that fell here in the apparition site. So much of it fell from the sky. Allan told us to eat it. He said it was Manna.

Ronnie : What did it taste like?

Josie : It had no taste for me. You can eat it.

Susan : That moon really took me back. It became so big and then so large time and time again.

Josie : People in the covered area rushed outside to see.

Connie : You really didn't see anything Glenn?

Glenn : That's the miracle for me.

Josie : You didn't see but you got it all in tape.

Glenn : That's the miracle for me.

Connie : Weng, when she tapes, she sees and follows what she sees.

Josie : Fr. Zavala didn't believe. Then in front of him birds began to form the letters VM. After that, he finally believed it was all true.

Annie : It's too bad we were not able to document the nun from Mindanao. Allan prayed over her and he was blinded for three minutes. The nun went away being able to see again. Whatever happened to her?

Josie : She might have gone back to Mindanao. We haven't heard from her since the cure.

Annie : It used to be that Allan experienced the stigmata on the palm. When he got older it was the wrist. It was less painful for him when it was on the palm. It was excruciating pain when it was on the wrist.

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