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I Married Dr. Jekyll and Woke Up Mrs. Hyde

Dr. Alma Bond Questions:


Why is one marriage out of two today doomed to end in divorce? My interview with 71 divorced women searched for answers. Did they love their husbands when they married? Did they at the time that it was 'till death do us part? Were there other lovers in the lives of the couple at the time of the divorce? Is there any connection between an unhappy childhood and a failed marriage? Do women tend to lose their identities in marriage?

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It took a while for "I Married Dr. Jekyll and Woke Up Mrs. Hyde" to arrive in Nicaragua, but I have it and it is wonderful! You never cease to amaze and inspire me with your incredible body of work, each as meticulously crafted and researched as the last! And each containing that spark that makes it a truly important work: that piece of you, your compassion and incredible insight that makes me believe that humanity can grow with YOUR help. -Alyson Matley, Publisher of CAYO.
With profound psychological insight and the help of 71 divorcees, Dr. Alma Bond has delved into the causes of the sociological epidemic of divorce. She examines "What Happens to Love?" and has come up with some wonderful suggestions for the "cure" of the plague, which alone are worth the price of the book. Everyone who is interested in improving marital relationships should read "I Married Dr. Jekyll and Woke up Mrs. Hyde."

__Donna Bassin, Ph.D., Psychoanalyst, editor of "Female Sexuality:
Contemporary Engagements" and co-editor of "Representations of Motherhood.


Dr. Alma Bond, the Renaissance woman, has done it again! After a 30 year psychoanalytic practice in New York City and the successful publication of seven books, she now offers recommendations to alleviate once of the nation's most serious problems, divorce. Based upon personal interviews and objective questionnaire data from 71 divorcees of all ages and socioeconomic groups, Dr. Bond offers recommendations to help husbands enhance their ability to communicate and empathize and to allow wives the freedom to grow and flourish. This book should be required reading for all psychotherapists, family therapists, marriage and divorce counselors, and couples and singles searching for meaningful relationships.

__Dr. Rob Davidson, Psychotherapist, Clinical Psychologist, Veterans Administration Hospital, Miami, Florida.


Dr. Bond discusses identity in marriage as an experienced psychoanalyst and perceptive researcher. Her sophisticated writing style is apparent as she examines one of the most relentless social ailments. The wealth of information obtained from her study will answer the concerns of everyone interested in comprehensive understanding about divorce.

__Dr. Samer Hijazi, Professor of Information Systems, KWCC


Recent Reviews

Reviewed by Detra Fitch
Huntress Book Reviews

Alma Halbert Bond, Ph.D.: I Married Dr. Jekyll And Woke Up Mrs. Hyde

Anyone who knows me understands that I seldom read non-fiction. The few
non-fiction books I accept for my book review site are reviewed by my other
reviewers. However, the title of this one was so unexpected that I found
myself giving it a second glance, then a third, and a fourth. Curiosity
being a weakness of mine, I opened it. I only wanted to convince myself
that, to me, it would be boring. This would put an end to all my
curiosities and I could get someone else to review it. Instead, I found
myself reading the first page and never putting the book down except to
grab a soda.

Dr. Alma Halbert Bond seems to share my weakness. She wanted to know why
one out of every two marriages ended with divorce. Did the divorced women
love their husbands when they married them? Did they marry because they
were "a couple" and family or friends expected them to? Did society press
them into it? Did they marry someone like their parents for security
instead of love? Was there a connection between an unhappy childhood and a
failed marriage? Dr. Bond interviewed 71 divorced women for answers!

The book is broken down to several categories and each have sub-categories.
Dr. Bond covers:

The Physical Abusers
The Verbal Abusers
The Withholders
The Need For Space
The Unfaithful
The Abandoned Ones
The Homosexuals
Married For The Wrong Reasons
The Narcissists
He Changed After We Married
The Control Freaks
The Good Marriage

All her findings are within these pages! Using her experience of 30 years
in psychoanalytic practice, Dr. Bond created a book that people (men or
women) should read if they have been divorced, considering divorce, having
problems in their marriage, or about to marry!

I proudly submit this book to my viewers and consider it to be highly
recommended reading!

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From the January 2001 
Edition of Bookviews.Com

I Married Dr. Jekyll and Woke Up Mrs. Hyde ($22.95, iUniverse) by my friend Dr. Alma Bond, a noted psychoanalyst now retired and writing from Key West. The book reflects the findings of 71 interviews and a questionnaire with divorced women to determine the big question; what went wrong? Divorce is a major social problem in America with nearly half of all marriages failing.. The book explores the issue of self-identity as the key to improving marital relationships. Happily, she is a felicitous writer who can take complex psychological issues and make them easily understood. This book will prove of special interest to anyone involved in counseling and any woman seeking the answer to keep their own marriage from failing. Alan Caruba in "Bookviews.com"


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