By Dr. Alma H. Bond

Murder on the Streetcar is a savvy novel that will captivate

you with its sharp plot and well-developed characters. Dr. Mary

Wells is a full-time psychoanalyst and part-time sleuth, who helps

solve mysteries with her analytic and psychological skills. She and

her lover, Lt. John Franklin, believe they are just out for a  night

on the town to see a revival of A Streetcar Named Desire, starring

one of Dr. Wells' patients. As the audience falls under  the spell of

William's writing, a shot  rings out from backstage. Dr Wells and Lt.

Franklin  rush to the scene and  become entangled in murder and

intrigue. To unravel this mystery,  they question  the cast  and crew

members. From Bond's excellent, detail-oriented style  to her fast-

paced plot, Murder on the Streetcar is not a novel you’ll soon forget.

                                                                      Bookman Publishing


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