1: intentional deception resulting in injury to another person

2: a person who makes deceitful pretenses

3: deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage

The Amazing Kreskin

The Prediction

The "Amazing" Kreskin made a prediction that between 10:00pm and Midnight, on Thursday June 6th 2002, there would be the largest UFO sighting of the century to take place over the skies of Las Vegas. Coincidently, to be witnessed over the casino that he was to be performing in that night.

The Promise

Kreskin said he was so sure that this would happen that he put up $50,000 which would get donated to charity if it didn't happen. This promise was well documented on the The Art Bell Radio Talk Show.

The Deception

When the event didn't take place as predicted, Kreskin once again went on the Art Bell Show to admit that the event didn't take place as predicted, and that his original intention was actually only to demonstrate a scenario how an enemy possessing the same skill and abilities as himself might create a mass happening on an even larger scale and over a much greater territorial area.

The Broken Promise

Art Bell then asked if Kreskin was going to pay out the promised $50,000 to charity since the event didn't take place as predicted. Kreskin replied that no, he wasn't going to pay the money, because as news and media technicians were packing their gear, they saw a green luminous form slowly passing across the dark sky followed by a second object less than a minute later.

The Feelings of Betrayal

Art Bell was so furious that he could barely contain himself, and told Kreskin that he considered what he had done was like an act of "deception" a "terrorist" act, and that he was now officially banned from ever appearing on his radio show again.

Amazing Kreskin Banned

The People Wronged

Let's not feel sorry for UFO believers that traveled from as far away as New Zealand to witness the predicted event. Rather, let's feel sorry for the charity organization(s) that should have received the promised funds, and for all that believed in the goodness of humanity, that, when a person gives his/her word, it should mean something.

A fan of Kreskin has said, "I've always been in Kreskin's camp. He's always been cool. But he lost me this time. Playing with and taking advantage of the world-view of a bunch a bonehead UFO fanatics is fine, but by promising to assist children's charities, I do not believe this is something he can wheedle out of."

Cashing in on a Tragedy

Kreskin also appeared on another nationally syndicated radio show from New York, "The Opie and Anthony Show" and tried an experiment with a voodoo doll. Kreskin called the doll, "Pin Laden". Kreskin claimed he was going to focus the nation's energy and inflict pain on Osama Bin Laden.

Taking advantage of the elderly

Then there was the time Kreskin sent out junk mail to elderly people advertizing some kind of miraculous psychic tabloid-back-page touched-by-an-angel miracle something-or-other, if you'd just send him a check. One of the skeptic magazines mocked him incessantly because he mailed one of his "I psychically knew you'd be interested in this miraculous offer" letter to someone who was long dead.

Is Kreskin a Fraud?

We're all different. Decide for yourself.

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