Fri May 10 11:06:51 1996
Subject: [AM] Beginnings
        I close the book with a soft thud.  An interesting little 
treatise on the art of war by a man known as Sun Tzu.  Benedict had 
recommended it to me, but after two readings, I fail to see what drew my 
uncle to it.  I'm not surprised, however.  I had always been a bit 
behind on my studies of such an art, the appeal had never grabbed me.  
How my uncle lives and breathes it I just do not know, though I suppose 
I can see the allure.  For myself, I've always preferred to be a 
jack-of- all-trades, and a master of none.  Perhaps I do not have the 
same drive as my aunts and uncles, who are well known for their 
obsessions.  I almost laugh out loud at that thought.  How well I know 
obsessions with my near all-encompassing desire to learn about Amber; 
it's people, it's past, and it's royal family, also it's creators.
        Apologies, I should perhaps introduce myself before continuing 
my most likely long-winded narrative.  My name is Zachary, Librarian of 
Castle Amber, and a member of the above mentioned obsessive family.
        Now then, where was I?  Oh yes, Amber.
        A lovely place, really, the most beautiful I have ever seen.  I 
suppose I am biased in that regard, though, for one's home usually is 
the most beautiful.  But then biased I will be, for I don't think I 
could be anything else but who I am.  I was born to Random and Vialle, 
yes, the King and Queen of Amber.  Luck some would call it, Fate by 
others.  To me, it just happened.  Not that I have minded, I love my 
father and mother with all the love a child can give.  It was my father 
who gave me my desire to know of Amber, and it was my mother who nutured 
it.  Tales of old I was told upon her knee, then when I became to heavy 
to sit there, at her feet.  It is true when they say that when one loses 
a sense the others compensate.  My mother's knowledge of Amber and it's 
past are staggering, for most think she sits in her studio, sculpting 
her statues.  That is true, she does, but she listens as well.  What 
else is there for a blind woman?  I'm sure my aunts and uncles have far 
underestimated my mother, even my own father.  But I'll keep her secret 
with me for a while yet.
        I stretch and rise from my chair.  My joints pop a little, I 
find I sometimes sit for much longer than I should.  But sometimes a 
book has a way of pulling you in and not letting go until the last 
word.  If I had to define it, I would say that words themselves hold the 
fascination for me.  The library holds many books, but a few maps and 
other scrolls exist as well.  I'm a collector of words, in the most base 
sense.  Of course, it is difficult to read sometimes when your own 
father is busy playing his drums in the same room.  But then Random was 
always one to take advantage of the situation.  Being King of Amber is 
not without its perks.
        Not that I mind the drums, I've played them myself on occassion, 
but as I had said, master of none.  I pick up the lamp I had been 
reading by and make my way for the door.  Hmm, seeing how late it has 
become, I daresay I had missed dinner again.  I'll head down to the 
kitchens and find some food for myself.
        "Good evening, young Zachary."  A voice calls cheerily to me as 
I leave the Library.  I turn to see a face full of blazing red-hair.
        "Good evening, Uncle Bleys.  Have you just recently returned to 
        "That I have, lad."  Bleys smiled, still in his riding gear.  
"Seems I have just missed out on a grand meal as well.  Such is one's 
luck from time to time.  Reading still, I see."
        I smile.  "Of course."  He walks with me to the grand staircase, 
wide stairs leading up and down.
        "Is your father the King about?"  He asks as I take my first 
step downwards.
        "He was the last I had heard.  Though where he is in the Castle 
I do not know."  Those instincts are hard to put aside, and I don't even 
bother right now.
        Bleys nodded knowingly, probably respecting me all the more for 
my vagueness.  It's a game between my Aunts and Uncles, to say much 
without saying anything, and to try to gather all the information one 
can.  Some are better at it than others.  "Are any other of brothers or 
sisters about the Castle?"  He asks as we reach the landing mid-way down 
the stairs, turning to head down the second half.
        I shrug.  "Julian is in the Forest Arden, of course.  And 
Benedict has been here a while, most likely out in the gardens.  Your 
sister Fiona is here as well, though I haven't seen her all day."
        Again the knowing nod, and I almost laugh at the thought of 
Bleys practicing such in front of a mirror to put on display just this 
eve.  Foolishness, of course, but amusing nonetheless.  He bids me 
farewell, heading for the kitchens.  I decide my stomach can wait a 
little while.  My uncle is a charming fellow, which has garnered my 
distrust.  It always seemed to me that he wants somethings, and I never 
know what it is he is after.
        I nod politely to a couple of passing servants, and then an idea 
strikes me.  Within a flash I was in my room, hurriedly putting on some 
outerwear, and dashing back down the stairs.  It had been a while since 
I was last to Bloody Bob's, and tonight was as good as any for such a 
venture.  At the stables I ensured that I had a blade tightly tied to my 
waist, and a smaller one in my boot, just in case.  Swinging aboard the 
fine steed, I head off down the winding road to the City of Amber.  Who 
knows, perhaps something interesting could happen.
NRPG: Welcome to Amber!  This is just an introductory post, introducing 
just one character, the administrator of all who will come through 
Amber.  The style was just an experiment, and I found I quite enjoyed 
it, though I will most likely remain in third person in later posts.  
Any inquiries should be directed to me, at the e-mail address below.  I 
believe Amber will prove to be quite a fascinating place to play in, and 
I'm not just saying that :)
I hope you all enjoy this as much as I'm sure I will.
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        "It was a very foul blow, about four