Fri May 10 11:07:12 1996
Subject: [AM] Arriving in Amber
As Karina got pulled thru she ended up standing in front of the same man 
who's picture she had seen in the card.
"This is Amber?" She asked "Or I guess I should say, What or where is 
Zachary chuckled "I will explain things soon enough."
Already Karina's eyes were wandering around the room. It appeared to be 
a library & then suddenly she noticed a beautiful blonde young lady 
standing in the room. Her elegance made Karina feel like a tomboy, but 
then Karina shrugged it off. She wondered who she was & at approximently 
that moment Zachary introduced them all.
She noticed Zachary's as well as Laura's eyes on her silver locket.
"My father left it for me" She stated & handed Zachary both the letter 
from her mother as well as that of her father.
He glanced them over. "Well, as you seem to be who you say you are, 
Karina, you will have a lot to learn"
"I want to know as much as I can about my father & about this place, 
Amber" Karina said. "Also, I like music a lot & don't want to lose what 
I have learned. Such as, I play drums. May I play those drums over there?"
"Well, you might want to meet King Random first & ask him, as they are 
his" Zachary said.
"& a flute, I would like a flute" Karina said "I also play piano, 
guitar, & the harp"
"All this can be dealt with in the morning" Zachary said
Karina vaguely heard the other girl, Laura asking some questions, but 
she was too busy looking around the library trying to take it all in.
"Let me show you to your rooms tonight & we will meet again in the 
morning" Zachary said.
He took them down the hallway & showed Karina to a spacious guest room. 
As she opened the door she noticed that there was a sitting room area as 
well as a dining area & a small library. But the focus of the guest 
apartment was the bedroom. A huge four postered bed stood in it with a 
canopy overhead & satin sheets on the bed. Karina stood looking at the 
bed & sighed at the luxury of it all. She glanced around the rest of the 
small apartment looking at everything & passing time. A long while after 
she heard the door shut down the hall, what she figured was Laura being 
shown to her room, she opened the door & peered out.
Noone was about so Karina quietly stepped out into the hallway. She 
wasn't ready for sleep, she wanted to find out more about where she was. 
She was going exploring.
NRPG: Judi, hope you don't mind what I did to Karina's part fo the 
conversation in the library.
I will make the rest of the post, about her exploring in the next day or 
two, but if anyone else wants to write them running into her they will 
see a young lady, approx 18, 120 lbs, 5'5", long straight hip length 
black hair, bright green eyes, very pretty, slender yet well 
proportioned, in black stirrup pants, black skintight top with a low 
cleavage, black suede half boots, & with a silver locket around her neck.