From catwoman@indy2Fri May 10 11:07:15 1996
Subject: [AM] Karina explores
As Karina set off down the hallway she noticed that it was lit with 
lanterns & torches. There did not appear to be electric lighting. Along 
the hallway where she was at there appeared to be more apartments set up 
just like her own, she assumed they were more guest apartments. She knew 
the way to the library & so she set off in the opposite direction. There 
appeared to be more areas of living but the general size suggested that 
these might be the apartments of the people who lived there.  
She listened closely & from some she heard movement behind & others 
there was silence. She continued down the way & eventually stepped into 
a large dining hall. She stepped out & worked her way back down more 
halls apprearing to contain apartments & ran back into the library. She 
wondered whether to work her way back into towards the stairs & explore 
a different floor or to go back to her room. She headed towards the 
stairs thinking. This was a very ineffective way of exploring, she 
shrugged. Maybe it would be better to wait until morning to explore 
She went back towards her room & went in & flopped on the bed. She took 
off her locket & looked at the pictures of her real parents. She 
wondered what her mother had been like, obviously she had loved her as a 
child. Karina wished her mother was still alive. And she still didn't 
know if her father was still alive. Zachary had not said anything about 
that.After placing the locket back around her neck, she turned towards 
the cards. She picked up the cards & began to look thru them again. As 
before, she saw many men & women but know that she knew these were real 
people, they seemed more interesting. 
She looked at a card of a beautiful woman with dark hair & dark eyes. 
She seemed very mysterious in her picture. She concentrated on the card 
& again felt the dimness & cold. "Who's there?" a voice asked. 
"My name is Karina & I am Prince Corwin's daughter, recently arrived in 
Amber" Karina said.
"Why are you contacting me?" the voice asked
"I wish to know more & know about the people here, who I assume I am 
related to. My I ask your name?" Karina asked.
"Julianna" the voice replied
"I don't wish to seem impertinent but I want to know more & do you have 
time for us to get together & talk?" Karina asked.
Karina was almost holding her breath waiting for the woman's 
answer....Karina had never liked to wait for information.
NRPG: Jason: You take it from there....would Julianna talk with Karina ever you wish to play it.