Fri May 10 11:07:26 1996
Subject: [AM] Kyle Shows His Face
 Kyle and his father stood in the hallway near the Dining Room.  "You 
look exhausted, Kyle,"  Bleys said to him.  
 "Yes, well, I am.  It's been a rough day,"  Kyle answered cautiously.
 "Yes, yes.  I understand.  Let me show you to a room where you can 
stay, and tomorrow morning, after you are rested, we can get you 
aquainted with the rest of the family.  Though, you will want to stay on 
your guard.  One never knows what a cousin or brother might try to pull."
 Kyle looked down at himself.  He still bore the wound that Cabal had 
inflicted across his stomach.  
 "Ah, yes.  That will heal, Kyle.  We of Amber have always been quick 
healers.  You will need to look into getting some new clothes, though."  
 Bleys started walking down the hall, with Kyle falling in behind.  He 
then came to a door and opened it, a well furnished room becoming 
exposed.  "This will probably do.  I do not believe we were expecting 
any visitors who would require use of this room.  Sleep for now."
 Kyle cautiously walked into the room, keeping an eye on the man behind 
him... his father.  So much had happened in the past day.  
 The door closed, Kyle hearing something about already bearing the 
family suspiciousness.  Kyle sat down on the bed, feeling the matress 
give slightly under his weight.  He took off his boots, laid back, 
planning on resting a few moments before undressing further.  He was 
asleep as soon as his head hit the pillows.
 The next morning found Kyle still in his clothes, waking quickly to a 
voice in the hall.  His eyes immediately scanned all escape routes from 
the room.  There was the window above the dresser, the door to the 
bathroom, but that wouldn't do any good, and the door out to the 
hallway.  If someone were to come in, the window would be his only way 
 But the voice just passed by.  Kyle relaxed.  He went into the 
bathroom, undressed, setting his swords within easy reach, and cleaned 
up in the shower.  He then stepped out, dried off, and, grabbing his 
swords, walked back into the bedroom.  He opened another door, revealing 
a large closet.  Kyle looked through the clothes in the closet, picking 
out a shirt and pants that closest matched his build.  He looked himself 
over in a mirror.  
 The white shirt hung slightly loose on him, but the black pants seemed 
to fit correctly.  Kyle strapped his swords around his waist, and left 
the room.  
 He wandered around a bit before finding his way to the Dining Room.  
There were a few people in there, all unfamiliar to Kyle, though he did 
recognize some of the faces from his cards.  He saw a buffett line on 
one side of the room, and walked over there.  He served himself a small 
helping of food, picking eggs, a little bacon, and a couple of pieces of 
bread.  He ate quickly, watching everyone around him.  Over at another 
table a young woman seemed to be relaxing with a man slightly older than 
Kyle, the woman with a cup of coffee.  He continued looking around the 
room, but his eyes kept returning to the woman, even as she and the man 
got up to leave.  She looked his way and, briefly, their eyes made 
contact.  She then turned to leave.
 Kyle was finished then, and he rose to leave also.  He followed the 
pair, the young woman and man down a hallway.  They turned off into a 
room, which Kyle looked into while passing.  It seemed to be some sort 
of library.  He would have to remember that for later.  Kyle did want to 
find out more about his father.  
 Kyle explored some, and was suprised to find that a couple of hours had 
passed since he had left the Dining Room.  He decided to go do some 
research on his father.  He wanted to know more about this man before he 
met him again.
 He reached the door to the library to find the young, beautiful blonde 
woman proclaiming herself a New Yorker, whatever that meant, to the man 
Kyle had seen her with in the Dining Room.  She was looking at the man 
when Kyle walked in.  
 "Excuse me.  I am Kyle Windbringer, and I wish to find the librarian to 
ask him about something.  Do either of you know where I could find him?"
Respectfully submitted,
Kyle Windbringer,
Son of Bleys
 Nathan Terhune
 NRPG:  Finally.  Sorry this took so long to get out, guys, but I've been 
quite busy.  Hopefully, my next one won't be so long in the making.  
 Judi:  And the characters meet.