Fri May 10 11:07:39 1996
Subject: [AM] Getting to know you....
Karina looked at her cousin Julianna "I am afraid I have nothing to wear 
except what I have on or I would be happy to ride with you, although I 
haven't done much riding recently & definately couldn't keep up with you."
"there should be suitable clothing in the closet" Julianna said "And I 
don't expect you to ride as well as I do, few do."
Karina went & rummaged thru the closet & found black pants & a black 
shirt that would do for riding. her own boots would do & she also left 
her silver locket on. She excused herself quickly into the other room  & 
changed. She was back in a few moments.
"Are you sure you don't mind putting up with my little experience?" 
Karina said.
"It will do for now" julianna replied simply.
They headed out the doors & out to the stable where Julianna selected an 
appropriate horse for her & also had her own brought out. Julianna swung 
up onto the horse & looked down on Karina.
"Coming, cousin?" she asked
Karina swung up onto her horse also & as they started out Kariana 
concentrated solely on her riding & getting used to the feel of the 
saddle again.
Julianna kept glancing at her & wondering about her. She definately 
looked like Prince Corwin & that silver locket was Corwin's style. She 
Finally Karina felt comfortable enough to start asking some questions.
Julianna, did you know my father?" Karina asked
"Yes, I did...the best information you will get on him is thru his own 
writings in the library called the Corwin Chronicles" Julianna replied.
"What do you think of him?" Karina asked
"Everyone has their own opinions & you will have yours" Julianna replied.
"Do you think he is still alive? I have heard he hasn't been seen or 
heard from recently" Karina stated.
"With Prince Corwin, you never know" Julianna stated.
"Do I have any brothers or sisters?" Karina asked.
"well there are Merlin  & Khrynna that are known. You will probably meet 
Merlin" Julianna replied
"& Khyrnna?" Karina asked
"Highly doubtful you will meet her" Julianna replied.
They continued riding. They had reached a beautiful forest by this time.
"Forest Arden" Julianna said simply.
"You mentioned something back in the room about 'shifting shadows' Could 
you please explain more?" Karina asked
I think that is a question Zachary could best answer, as he can 
determine when you are ready" Julianna stated.
"And the trump cards, can I contact anyone in them anytime?" Karina asked.
"You can contact people unless they wish to fight it or there is a block 
of some sort or unless they are dead" Julianna replied "And once there 
is a trump of you people can do the same with you. But be careful who 
you contact & who you let contact you."
"Why is that?" Karina asked
"All people are not as they seem" Julianna replied.
They heard a sound off to their right & Julianna turned that way. 
I wonder if Ivy or Uncle Julian are in the vicinity. Come on, we will 
see" Julianna urged
Karina followed & hoped she learned more soon as she was thoroughly lost.
NRPG: Jason thought I'd let you write the rest of the encounter. In case 
you want us to run into Ivy or Julian