Fri May 10 11:07:45 1996
Subject: [AM] Dining in style
After her ride with Julianna & meeting her Uncle Julian, Karina headed 
back to her room to freshen up & change. She found in the closet a fresh 
pair of black pants & a green shirt that matched her eyes. She looked at 
some of the other things & decided then & there she needed to go 
shopping. She also was missing her flute & guitar & other musical 
instruments. She would need to replace them. She looked thru the trumps 
again & found she could now place some of the faces with names after 
talking with Julianna & Julian. Hmmmm, the similarity in names, 
maybe...after all, Julianna had not said who her parents were.
Karina placed her trumps in a pocket & made sure her locket was back 
around her neck after cleaning up. She then headed for the library. She 
wanted to find the Corwin Chronicles that Julianna had talked about. She 
walked in & saw Zachary & Laura & a red headed young man who was 
introduced as Kyle. Zachary then started to explain some things. Karina 
asked about the Corwin Chronicles & zachary pointed out where she would 
find them. Then he took them to do a test that did seem to prove that 
they were royals. Then he went back to explaining some things.
The meeting with the King & Queen went very well, they didn't seem stuck 
up at all like Karina had thought a King & Queen might be. Although her 
Uncle Benedict looked so serious, Karina wondered if he ever had any fun 
or smiled. From the meeting they went to dinner.
There, Karina met Kyles father, Bleys & his sister Fiona. She could see 
Laura wondering if this was her mother. She was glad she knew who her 
father was. That must be horrible meeting the Princess's & wondering. 
She also met Gerard & saw Julian & Julianna again. Julianna looked so 
regal in her black velvet gown, karina felt a little dowdy in her pants 
& then decided that they understood.
They all talked very little during dinner as all were busy eating. After 
a day in the fresh air, Karina was ravenous. When she had eased some of 
her hunger she turned to King Random & asked "Sir, Zachary tells me the 
drums in the library belong to you. I play a number of instruments & the 
drums are one. I wondered if I may have your leave to practice on them."
"Of course" Random said "Anytime I am not using them, feel free. And we 
will see what we can do about providing you with other instruments that 
you play also"
"Hopefully, you will play for us sometimes" Vialle added in
"Of course! I love to play" Karina smiled.
Dinner then went on & after dinner small conversations arose in 
different areas of the room. Karina asked Julianna if she could talk to 
"Yes, cousin?" Julianna enquired.
"I would like to know if you would show me the pattern. I would like to 
see it." Karina asked.
"yes  I will do that. Give me a few moments to make my excuses & we will 
go down to see it" Julianna said.
They both made their excuses & left heading for the Pattern of Amber.