Fri May 10 11:07:51 1996
Subject: [AM] The Pattern
Julianna & Karina headed for a the stairs that led to the Pattern. It 
was a long way down. When they finally reached the bottom Julianna led 
Karina down a hallway where they passed different passages. 
"Where do the other passageslead to?" Karina asked
"Some to the dungeons & here & there. The only really important one is 
to the Pattern" Julianna answered.
As they reached the seventh passageway they came to a guarded door
"Good Evening, Kristoff" Julianna said.
"Good evening, Lady Julianna. And this young lady looks familiar but I 
don't believe I know her name" Kristiff stated looking puzzled.
"I am Karina" Karina stated "Daughter of Prince Corwin"
"Ah, I see the family resemblance" Kristoff said.
"She would like to see the Pattern, Kristoff" julianna stated.
"Of course, M'lady" Kristoff said as he took the large key & opened the 
Julianna led the way in. The Pattern glowed so brightly that Karina just 
simply stared for a moment in awe. So intricate & so beautiful it was. 
She remembered what Zachary had told them about it, that only if you 
were a royal of Amber could you step on it & not die. He had also 
mentioned about the obstacles along the way, called the Veils.
"Julianna, what was it like when you first walked the pattern?" Karina 
"For everyone it is different, but it takes much concentration & will" 
Julianna said.
"I wish to walk it" Karina stated simply.
"I would advise you to wait until you are better prepared" Julianna said.
"Julianna, its something drawing me, I can feel it" Karina stated "Would 
you tell me what I need to know to do it?"
"Just remember once you set foot on it, do not stop & do not step off 
it" Julianna said "Once you start you have to finish"
"And what Zachary stated earlier, about once you complete the Pattern it 
takes you to wherever you want to go?" Kariana asked
"Thats true" Julianna said simply "Again I warn you, it takes much 
preparation & will, I advise you to wait"
"I appreciatte your advise, but I must do this" Karina said.
Karina walked over to the beginning of the Pattern & focused. She was 
going to focus on the Pattern like she did her music. Feel it & feel it 
flow. She took a deep breath, felt her pocket for her trump cards, Held 
her locket for a moment & whispered "Thank you, Dad, for leading me 
here. This is where I am to be"
She stepped onto the Pattern & blue sparks flew up. She felt the energy 
flow of the Pattern & stepped her other foot onto it. She kept walking, 
all the while feeling the music of the Pattern, as it had an ebb & flow 
of its own. All of a sudden she encountered resistance, she plunged into 
it just like when she would reach a particularly difficult piece of 
music. As she struggled thru it she felt it give way & suddenly the 
resistance lessened. So involved she was that she didn't even notice 
that the blue sparks were as high as her knees. she stepped along 
further & again reached an even more difficult passage. She again 
focused all of her concentration into it & actually let the music of 
this passge pull her thru. Again she made it & the resistance lessened 
but the sparks were up to her waist now. She struggled thru & hit the 
last piece of resistance & she almost lost the music, but suddenly, 
there it was in her mind again & she plunged into it. The last few bars 
of the music with her steps, seemed to take forever then suddenly she 
was there, the center of the Pattern.
She stood there for a moment, coming down from the high she was feeling, 
then she looked over & saw Julianna.
"Thank you, cousin" Karina said simply "I will return soon"
And with that she pictured in her mind where she wanted to be & suddenly 
she was gone from Julianna's sight.