Fri May 10 11:07:54 1996
Subject: [AM] Karina's trip home
Karina appeared in what what had been her bedroom of 18 years. She 
looked around the room & then listened closely. No sounds, her parents 
must be gone right now. Good, she would gather what she wanted then wait 
on them, it would be easier that way. 
The thing she had already messed most in Amber were her musical 
instruments. She quickly packed her flute, her harp & her guitar. King 
Random had already said she could use his drums & she could hopefully 
see if they had a piano somehwhere in Amber that could be sent to the 
Palace. She grabbed a big duffel bag & threw a bunch of clothes in it, 
things she had always liked. She wasn't about to change her dressing 
style now just because she had found out she was related to royalty. She 
quickly changed into a silverish gray top with black trim & another pair 
of black pants & pulled on her high black suede boots. The silver locket 
still gleamed around her neck. She also put her trump cards in her new 
She then gathered a few other momentos she wanted around her & tossed 
them in the duffel bag also. The flute case & the harp case strapped 
easily to the guitar case so she just had two satchels to carry. About 
this time she heard the door open down below.
She walked out of the room & down the stairs. "Hello Mom & Dad" as she 
spied the two people who had raised her. Her mother rushed towards her & 
grabbed her in her arms. "Karina! Where have you been? What happened? We 
were so worried" her mother said.
"I am fine, mom" Karina said. "I went to discover my true parentage & I 
will be going back. I still have some searching to do"
"But, what do you mean? Your mother is dead & so is your father" her 
mother said
"Don't feed me that line, mom....I discovered my real birth certificate 
as you well know" Karina said "My real mom is dead but my father is 
still alive...& I have a whole family of aunts, uncles, cousins & such"
Her father chimed in at that moment "So you are going to toss away 
everything we have given you for this pipedream?"
"It doesn't have to be that way....just give me your blessing & I will 
return & see you guys occasionally" Karina said.
" your convienance, I take it" her father said bitterly.
Karina realized in this moment that her parents had never intended to 
give her the package that she had found. "You never wanted me to know 
the truth about who I was, did you?"
"You are our daughter" her mother said
"But I can't trust you anymore. I always thought I could" Karina replied 
sadly. "I am going up to my room to think"
Karina turned her back on the parents who raised her knowing that in 
those few moments everything she had once believed had been destroyed. 
She climbed the stairs to her room never once looking back & shut the 
door. She picked up her guitar case & slung it over her shoulder & 
picked up the duffel bag & slung it over her other shoulder. She then 
pulled out her cards & put Zachary's on top. She looked around the room 
one last time & sighed then began to concentrate on the card. As she 
felt the contact start she heard her mother at her door.
"Karina, lets talk...please"
Karina tuned out her mother & concentrated on Zachary's image & felt the 
contact become stronger.
"Zachary, its Karina"
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