Fri May 10 11:08:09 1996
Newsgroups: alt.shared-reality.sf-and-fantasy
Subject: [AM] The Unicorn
Karina saw the unicorn & gasped. She dropped her duffel bag & musical 
instruments & headed for it.
"Oh, you poor thing!" She glanced at the arrows sticking in it & knew 
that somehow she would have to remove them. But how? She knew nothing of 
such things & had little in which to work with. But wait...
Karina rummaged thru her duffel bag throwing clothes everywhere & 
finally found what she was looking for, a small pocket knife. She had 
been given this by her adopted father when he was trying very hard to 
make an outdoors girl out of her. She had never reached his expectations 
for that but had always treasured the small knife since he had had it 
engraved for her. She looked at the arrow in the unicorns side. She then 
looked at the unicorn.
"I don't know if I can do this, or even should, but I am going to try & 
get these arrows out" Karina looked at the unicorn. The unicorn seemed 
to nod its head slightly so Karina took that as an agreement. She slowly 
started work on the one that looked the worst in the unicorns side. She 
slowly worked at it & the only thing that distracted her was that the 
howling she had heard earlier seemed to be coming closer. She worried 
about that but decided that getting the arrow out was the most important 
concern. She finally succeeded at getting out the arrow in the unicorn's 
side but by this time the howls were getting quite close. She looked at 
the unicorn.
"I better do something to help protect us before trying to get the 
others out." Karina first of all tried pulling out her trumps & 
contacting Zachary & got nothing. She then tried Julianna, still 
nothing. She wondered about this. Maybe she was too distracted as the 
howls were becoming closer & closer. She again started searching thru 
her bags & came up with some matches she had for burning the ends of the 
strings on her guitar when she restrung it. She quickly gathered some 
dry wood & also some larger sticks. She started a fire with the 
kindling & soon had a blaze going. She then wrapped some of her tops 
around the larger sticks & laid them near the fire to use as torches. So 
now the fire was between where the howls were coming from & her & the 
unicorn with the lake at their back. She also dipped one of her shirts 
in the lake & began cleaning out the wound from where she had removed 
the arrow. The bleeding had slowed. She looked at the other arrows but 
knew she didn't have time for them right now as the howls seemed just 
outside the clearing. She looked out towards the woods & waiting, 
shivering & wondering what she had gotten herself into.
NRPG: Chris: Hope thats alright.....feel free to finally get there or 
advance to what kariana sees when she looks up. I don't know what is 
chasing the Unicorn & if it will enter the grove or not.