Wed May 15 16:56:05 1996
Subject: [AM] Frustrated
After the contact with her cousins were lost Karina sighed & turned 
towards the unicorn. "What can I do? Maybe I just should have stayed 
where I was with my parents, maybe I am not cut out for this sort of 
life." The unicorn just looked at her. Karina realized about this time 
that the immediate danger seemed to be over so she turned towards the 
unicorn to begin to work on the other arrows. As she worked, she 
talked. "Who would shoot a creature as beautiful as you? Just an 
ordinary hunter who mistook you for game? or more" The unicorn just 
looked at her with sadness in its eyes. Karina managed to get out both 
of the other arrows & then she cupped some water in her hands & rinsed 
soem of the blood from the unicorn. She dipped one of her tops in the 
lake & tried to clean out the wounds some.
"Well, that is all I can do for now." Karina said. "I am going to try to 
find us something to eat & then try a trump contact again"
Karina looked around the clearing & gathered some berries which looked 
like blackberries from home & brought them back before the unicorn. "Are 
these safe to eat?" The unicorn dipped her head & took a bite so Karina 
assumed she had understood. She ate some of the berries but was really 
too worried about what was going on to do more. Should she wait here & 
hope that her cousins had figured out where she was & would come after 
her or should she start trying to find her own way home. Well, she would 
at least wait til morning. She then tried the trumps again without 
She continued to worry that whatever was out there would come back, 
either the "wolf" or the hunter who had hurt the unicorn. She was 
determined to stay up & keep watch but the days events had proven to be 
too much for her & she slowly drifted off to sleep. The unicorn lay near 
her & very aware of everything around them. The two lay like this, the 
tail end of the fire Karina had built earlier throwing flickering 
shadows across them until the flames died.
NRPG: well, thats all I could think of. sorry it wasn't more. Have fun 
hellriding cousins *grin*