Sun May 19 11:40:04 1996
Subject: [AM] Awaiting help
Karina awoke with a start the next morning. She scrambled to her feet & 
sheepishly realized that she had slept most of the night. The fire had 
died down & the unicorn was up, drinking from the lake. The wounds 
appeared to have healed a great deal & Karina wondered over this. Did 
the unicorn have some magical way of healing herself quickly? Karina 
hoped so.
All of a sudden she heard a crashing in the forest behind her & she 
whirled around & grabbed one of the sticks, prepared to defend herself 
as best she could, when coming thru the trees she saw Julianna.
"Oh thank goodness you are here, Juliannna. I didn't know what to do" 
Kariana exclaimed & dropped the branch.
"I am glad I made it & Zachary & our other cousin are somewhere behind 
me" Julianna said "They should be here shortly. Now lets see if we can 
do something else to help the unicorn."
She got down off her horse & went over to the unicorn. "It appears you 
managed to get out the arrows. She should heal herself now. Now what 
Kariana shook her head. "I don't know, all I know is that I found myself 
here when Zachary tried to pull me thru & that there was a hunter & 
something else chasing the unicorn. I heard what sounded like a wolf 
coming close to the lake but then it backed off when a hunters horn 
called it."
Julianna thought for a minute & wondered.
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